October 31, 2012 Just had hip # 2 done 3 weeks ago today, which is almost 5 years since had first one done. Dr. Anderson in Green Bay did both and all is well.

November 12, 2012 I have 5 years on right side and 5 weeks on the left side this Wednesday, and the newby BHR is working out better than the first. I plan to be skiing in another 3 months, granted I may not hit all black runs, but I will be out there like before. Last year I pushed it on the slope with the old hip and just knew it was time for the second one to be done, and I feel better now already than I have in a long time.

Working on all the strength programs I can and have much more lateral movement now than I have in years. Stairs, workout machines, normal walking is a breeze. Still have to remind myself that the left sock is one that takes special attention every day. Now that it's colder here in WI, Ugg boots with no socks are fantastic. I am 66, going on 47 next summer

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