November 21, 2009 I am from the UK and had my left hip resurfaced on 3 November by Mr T.M. Abuzakuk . I have no PT sessions (NHS system for you) and don't see my consultant again until 6 Jan. I have been given no exercise's to do, Called hospital and they said they would send something, but after 3 further calls I have given up. I have found the Phase 1 exercise program on this site, but was woundering how much additional bending and stretching I can safely do. I can walk about 1 mile with elbow crutches and manage around house unaided. But area around scar ared is still quite stiff.

I am 47 yrs old and was pretty active before OP. My consultant said I had to have this type of surgery before the joint got to the point of constant pain (because of risk of infection). But after reading posts on this site I think this is not quite so (I was fully mobile but just had a little difficulty tying my left shoe lace because of joint restriction). I have a scar that is about 13" long and is like an invirted letter J which extends round to my lower back area which is uncomfotable to sit on for more that 30mins at a time.

I had my Op done at Derby, England. I have had a slight light burning sensation down front of my thigh and in my calf when walking, pretty much since I had the surgery. It feels a little like the discomfort you gat the day after a hard session in the gym. I assume this is from all the twisting and tugging that occurred during surgery.. Unfortunately I have arthritis problems in both knees as well, and I too get a sharp pain in my Operated side knee, although it goes if I rest for an hour or so. I was walking with only one crutch after about 7 days, but my wife pointed out that I was probably doing more harm that good by limping and walking in a unnatural manner. I have since returned to using both crutches’ again. This seems to have stopped my knee pain as I walk in a more natural manner.

December 2, 2009 I am making a reasonable recovery, can walk around house ok, but still using crutches when walking distances outside (as limping along without gives me back ache later). I have a couple of issues that someone might be able to comment on and give me some advice.

1. The entire length of my scar is pretty much numb. Not quite sure which method was used, my incision starts about where my trouser pocket would be (but slightly towards the back of my thigh) then continues in the shape of an inverted letter j to part way across my lower back ( ends about 3” from my backbone) towards top of my buttock and is approx 13” long in total. Will I get the feeling back in this area over time?

2. When travelling in a car (as a passenger as not driving myself yet), I get a pain in the top of my calf just below my knee, and down the front of my shin. It’s similar to a toothache type of pain but quite intense (after about 30min the pain level is up to 8 out of 10). I am quite stiff when I get out of the car but the pain then goes after about 30 mins (I didn’t have this before this week). I suspect its a nerve issue and something to do with the healing of soft tissue around my lower back / buttock area..

December 7, 2009 Saw GP this evening. He thinks pain is originating from my lower back area due to posture and effects from surgery. Doesn’t suspect DVT, so that’s a relief.

January 6, 2010 I had my 1st check up with my consultant’s office on Monday this week (8 wks out). He was very pleased with my progress and told me to carry on walking and to try cycling. I also asked about doing some stretching to increase mobility, he told me that gentle stretching is ok, but to stop before it hurts to much. I was told not to go swimming (breast stroke) for another month as he thought it could possibly cause damage to the capsule as could leg crossing. But if I wanted to try swimming I could but not to put to much effort into the legs (I’ll wait another month then give it a go).

Non impact stuff in the gym is also ok, cycling, cross trainer, stepper etc.

October 26, 2010 I am now 48 years old, and cycling, and swimming regularly without problems.

January 27, 2011 After 7 months I started cycling and swimming on a regular basis (no running until 12 months and my weight less that 100 Kg -- self imposed). I have now entered a couple of Triathlons and returned to martial arts.. The only time my hip hurts is after doing heavy squats in the gym (must be a warning there somewhere).


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