April 12, 2011 All went well with my RBHR. Its 6 days post op and on 1 crutch since day 4. I like to think in terms of where I will be in a month...2 months..etc. Just keep a positive attitude and don't be too hurried afterwards. PT is going well and at this point seems to aimed at re-engaging those muscles that have been traumatized.

April 14, 2011 9days post op Feeling better each day PO with PT. Trying to ween myself off the Percocets(2 in AM to get started....Maybe 1 or 2 more during the day as needed). Doing 4-5 sets of PT prescription a day. Seems to be going well . On 2 crutches for 4 days; then 1 crutch for 5 days then onto just a cane today(thanks Dad). Getting up is getting easier and easier-as well as getting seated.

April 15, 2011 Surface Hippy discussion group has been great in my decision to go ahead and have my RBHR done.I couldn't be happier at this point(10 days PO). There have been many stories that I totally related too here.

My recovery is going better than I expected. Just had my 1st follow up visit post-op yesterday and was told all is going well. I have no weight restrictions and will have the 90 degree restriction lifted at 4 weeks PO. I can feel the increased strength difference daily. PT does have a purpose

I've been a lifetime hockey player (as well as many other pursuits-skiing ,tennis, hiking..etc) until I just couldn't deal with the aggravation of the hip discomfort anymore. I waited a year to see if it was just time to settle into a life without those activities I grew up participating in and enjoying and always putting such a smile on face. At the end of the day....I decided it wasn't. I lurked here on-and-off for quite awhile. I realized I wasn't alone.

Today I am looking forward to a much better lifestyle than I have had in the last couple of years. I know it takes time and patience...but in the end It'll be well worth it

June 25, 2011 I'm approaching the 3 month mark soon (7/5/11) and over the past weeks have noticed a nice spike in my strength and mobility (a relief as I too was becoming frustrated because my gains weren't as noticeable). It seemed like the PT(2 x's wk aggressive stretching) and Gym (5x's/wk with PT exercises plus a leg workout/bike/stairs/squats/lunges/BOSU ball/Swiss ball...etc). I'm back to work with no hesitations (Fire service)...I do still go to PT for some stretching (AGGRESSIVE)....which I think makes all the difference in the world.

Stretch....Squats//Lunges!!!...I think they help lots...also the PT


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