October 24, 2007 I live in Jupiter Florida and had my resurfacing done by Dr. Vince Fowble, who I found on thanks to your web page. I have also had discussions with Paul who posts occasionally onto this site who also had resurfacing done by Dr. Fowble.

I can personally vouch for Dr. Fowble who operates at the Jupiter Medical Center about 2 hours to the north of Miami. Had my right hip resurfaced with a Wright Conserve plus 56mm on Oct. 1 and doing great so far.

Dr. Fowble has been practicing in Jupiter about 2 years after working under Amstuz from the JRI at UCLA where he got the majority of his experience. He has approx 350 HRs under his belt and is a JRI fellow. Dr. Fowble has a relaxed bedside manner and spends all the time you need answering questions however is a true perfectionist and is tirelessly working the Jupiter Medical Center staff into top shape.

Graham Webb 10/1/07 RHR Wright Conserve plus Dr. Fowble


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