December 7, 2008

On 11/18, I had the RBHR. After the numbness wore off, I realized the biggest pain was inside my leg about 8 inches long between my knee and groin. It seemed something had been strained or torn during the surgery. This has decreased greatly, but, for the past few days, my ankle on the operated side, feels like it is bound and so tight, it is very uncomfortable. Not sure if this is linked to the knee which seems slightly tight. Everything else is going great.

December 8, 2008 I am at the 3 weeks tomorrow, and I am dealing with extreme tightness on the outside of my lower leg and in my ankle. It is somewhat discouraging, but realize that each one of us heals at different rates and with various problems.

I had the RBHR on 11/18 in NC.  There are so many benefits I have experienced already, but have tightness in the lower leg and ankle.

December 12, 2008 I agree with most that you will be able to do more than you expect. The leg up onto a couch or ottoman was nearly two weeks for me. I moved to a cane within 10 days but did not have the strength to lift the leg up. Funny how I tried to will the leg to move side to side, but could not for the first week or so. My loving wife moved it back and forth for me until I could get it moving. The rest of the exercises I was given were done from the beginning with great difficulty and then ease.

At three weeks and three days, things have brightened greatly. At three weeks, I was very discouraged because I developed severe tendonitis in the right leg at 16 days post-op that bound the ankle, outside of operated leg and knee. It is better now.

Back to the office at 13 days post-op with multiple naps on my trusty couch. Now I only need 30 minutes in the middle of the day to rest. Still uncomfortable sitting long periods - so get on the couch and get the leg up for awhile.

There are so many immediate benefits to resurfacing. For me, all the knots up and down the right side of my back and in the neck area from which I could never get relief are GONE! My hamstring that was so tight I thought it would one day snap is relaxed. The upset stomach for the previous few months is gone. I am so glad I chose to join this elite group.

December 20, 2008 I'm 4 1/2 weeks post-op of RBHR. The first two weeks after surgery, I had pain on the inside of my op. leg - a line running about 8 inches long between knee and groin. Figured it was the way they twisted and turned my leg during surgery - as someone said, the gorilla at the end of the leg helping the surgeon do his job, but not being so kind to us.

At 2 weeks, I developed the most severe pain on the outside the entire length of leg between knee and ankle. The ankle felt like a tourniquet was wrapped around it - as tight and worse pain than hip prior to surgery. After a week of this, my wife thought the knots on the outside of my leg could be blood clots (not sure why she waited a week to insist I go to the doc - many her conscience got the best of her) so I took a trip to my PCP. He told me it was tendonitis. I cannot find this stated anywhere else on this web site, but onto your question.

Prior to surgery, my hamstring felt like it would explode due to tightness and my IT band was as tight as it could be. I had limped for nearly 3 years knowing I was headed for surgery 5 years ago. I am 53. After a week of minimal IB and tylenol and my wife's nightly massage of ankle and side of leg (trying to soothe her guilt complex - I jest, she is very loving still after 32 years), I am getting better. I recommend alternating ice and heat on knee and IT band. Massage really helps. It is my guess that your problem is similar to many, your body recovering from surgery and relearning how to walk properly. I think all my problems originated in the knee and spread down the leg. When I get the massages, I feel it all the way up the leg and suspect the IT band connection to the knee and thus the lower leg.

December 23, 2008 I was on Lovenox for just 7 days at home (came home from hospital day after surgery) and then 325 mg aspirin for 45 days. I am at 5 weeks post-op now. No problem w/clots, but sure did hourly ankle stretches to keep legs moving as they recommended.

December 30, 2008 Similar story of running marathons up to age 48 in 2003. I am 6 weeks post-op and during my one mile walk yesterday was remembering my last marathon in Delaware, USA. Prior to surgery, I could not even handle walking without paying the price. The pain overtook me as well.

I am longing for one day to be able to enjoy the pure pleasure of a simple jog with my cross country team in their warm-ups. Then biking home without pain.

January 5, 2009 I couldn't sit still due to discomfort for most of first 4 weeks after surgery, up every hour or so 24/7. Wore the TEDS for 4 weeks; Lovenox for 7 days then 325 mg aspirin for another 4 weeks. Dealt with severe tendonitis from knee to foot on operated side particularly during week 3 & 4, but now at 7 weeks post op, consider it a blessing that it prevented me from doing too much. I couldn't fall asleep with a pillow between my legs until week 6. Best sleep has been in a recliner since surgery.

As a principal of a school, I went back to work at day 13 on a limited basis (couch in office helped), but today, back from Christmas break and nearly 7 weeks, I feel like a new man. Work was SO ENJOYABLE! I love my new RBHR!!!

February 21, 2009 I am now at week 14 and feeling great! I cannot say I wish I would have done it earlier, because I needed to have the mindset that this was the BEST direction and ONLY recourse - after trying all the home remedies, fish oil pills,Bi-flex, unflavored geletin each day (it really did give some relief), WD 40....

I am a strong believer that arthritis is a curse and rotten and to be avoided. I am an even greater advocate for HR. I talk about it all the time. I question myself why I have to add footnotes to conversations that I did not have a THR, because I realize there is no other choice for some folks and it may be my choice in the years to come. I am a strong supporter of Pat who created this venue.



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