June 24, 2009 I had hip resurfacing June 4 by Dr. Andrew Carter in Newport News, Virginia, using the direct anterior approach. I was his tenth resurfacing patient even though he has been doing thps with this approach for many years. No muscles are cut. they are only retracted with this technique.

I went home the next day. I used a walker for four days, switched to a cane and now walk half the time without a cane although with a slight limp which seems to get less everyday. He told me after two weeks I had no restrictions except for possibly lunging or jumping. Two weeks after surgery, I started playing golf. I've played three times and its not quite the third week. Once in a while I'll use aleve to go to sleep just because I am sore changing positions.

The whole experience has been surprising to me and even though I exercised my leg and thigh muscles prior to the surgery which may have helped, I am sure not having to cut any muscles lead to my fast recovery.

June 28, 2009  I now walk without a cane with only a slight waddle and at a slow pace. After sitting for too long sometimes I'll still use it . After the surgeon told me there were no restrictions to my actvity. just not to overdo it and only if it was bothering me too much, I played golf after two weeks. I hardly felt any pain or soreness. Since then I've played golf riding a golf cart four more times and have gone to the gym several times for core and leg exercises.

July 7, 2009 It's just over one month since my hip resurfacing now. This week I played golf four days in a row and just hit balls today. My resurfacing was on my right hip and I'm right handed. I don't use the cane at all anymore, however after sitting too long or getting up and down too much, I do feel sore and initially walk with a limp for a few minutes. I was only able to ride a bike by first putting it almost on the ground to get my leg over the bar. I felt it somewhat on my right hip and moreso on my left hip which is going to need resurfacing probably in a year or two.

My fast recovery in my opinion has been without a doubt due to having the direct anterior approach to surgery. The gluteous muscles and the external rotator muscles are not cut , which will help prevent dislocation and both which are used in sports like golf.



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