May 9, 2008 I am 34 year old male and just had my hip resurfaced in Hattiesbug, MS. I am 2 days post-op and already feel better. My doctor is Richard Conn and he used the Cormet Hip Device. I cant say enough about how wonderful he and his staff have been. I have been to PT 3 times and it has been better each time. My first time was brutal. Threw up twice. Literally the pain that i had radiating from my hip and quad is gone. Dont get me wrong, there is new pain from the incision and disruption of my muscles, but it is better every hour. Dr Conn uses a lateral approach. I know i have a ways to go, but words cant describe the relief and outlook I now have. I have been athletic my whole life, but have really down for the past two years due to my hip pain. I have only posted once before, but I will keep you all updated of my progress. Pat, thanks for this website, it was really a big help.

May 10, 2008 Leaving hospital today. Physical Therapy has been better everyday. Ice, ice, and more ice is best advice i can give so far. Home health begins monday, but so far i have a pretty good outlook so far.

May 22, 2008 I am now a little over two weeks post op now and so far so good! I am very happy with my recovery. I have gone back to work, much to my wife's (has her doctorate is physical therapy) dismay. I was going crazy sitting at home! Everyday is better than the one before. Just slowly building back up my strength in my quad. Using one crutch right now. Could use a cane, but I like the crutch better. I am amazed how good I feel. Right after surgery I wondered how was I ever going to be able to move my leg again. Slowly but surely it comes back. I am not going to sugarcoat it, I was in some pain. My first physical therapy session, I got sick twice. Partly from the pain, and partly from the morphine. I am not on any pain medication now. The doc gave me a prescription of 30 Lortab and I thought I would go right through them, but I probably still have about 10 left. Switched to Extra Strength Tylenol one week post op and was fine. Now I just ice when it gets too sore. I can't stand the way any pain medication makes me feel so it is a little different for me. I would suggest if you hurt take your meds. Staples came out last Sunday and my wife says we can start aquatic therapy this weekend so I am very excited to go swimming.

May 28, 2008 I had my surgery on May 7th and returned to work and driving on the May 19th. I went back a little early, but I felt OK. I was on one crutch and now I use a cane. I am 34 and pretty active. I actually started hip strengthening  exercises about 45 days prior to surgery. Not sure if that helps or not, but I kind of went into training mode before my surgery. Just keep in mind everyone recovers differently.

April 22, 2008 I am in my 12th week of P90x and May 7th will be my one year anniversary for my hip resurfacing. I was a runner before my hip surgery and have decided that I didn't want to risk injury by going back to running. I gained weight and just couldn't find the replacement for running until I discovered P90. It has changed my life. I have gone from 206lbs to 185 and I am as happy as ever. The Yoga has helped my flexibility tremendously.




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