My surgery was at St. Joes in Colorado by Drs. Gargaro and Swenson. So far, so good. I'll be throwing on diving gear in a couple weeks.

August 4, 2012 I hit one year on June 9th 2012, and my hip is performing beautifully. I have some stiffness in the groin and periformis, but nothing that impedes my activities. I had planned on taking it a bit easy at work this year, but having the mixed blessing of being in the air conditioning/refrigeration business coupled with the hottest summer in Colorado history I've been working like a rented mule. My hip's reaction to this has been great, it actually feels better. I had my one-year checkup (a bit late) last week and my surgeon says it looks "perfect" (and my knees are in much better shape than I had expected, to boot). I'm looking forward to ski season, and I would like to hear other hippies thoughts on that sport, as well as impact activities and weight-bearing.

August 24, 2012 I wrote the Director of Consumer Communications at Smith & Nephew regarding the NY Times negative article about hip resurfacing. Here's his reply:

"Matt – Thanks for your email. Glad to hear you’ve had such a positive result with your BHR Hip. Yes, we know this reporter well. He writes tough stories about the implants that fail, but rarely about the implants that work well. We’ve corresponded to him multiple times over the years, but it doesn’t get us very far. Instead, we try to reach potential patients via advertising and online communications.

Thanks for your support of our technology. And best of luck as you work through the post-op return to your pain-free life."



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