July 4, 2010 I had my right hip resurfaced in February 09. Perhaps looking back I was a bit hasty to get back jumping but I did my first skydive 9 weeks after the op. Ive done about 50 or so jumps since then. I also cycle quite a bit and completed a 72 mile ride last month. The wierd thing is though that I find I cannot run. After about 2 miles I have to stop because it becomes painful. Then I suffer a little for the next day or so.

July 8, 2010 I must admit the 9 weeks was too soon with hindsight, some would say foolish. But hey thats skydivers for you lol. But all was well and I have no problems at all from skydiving these days. You are quite correct about the opening part being the 'risky' bit if you want to call it that. But as stated GHW Bush and many many more hip replacements do tandems. This tells me that that part of the jump is safe to do then. The landing is like stepping of a curb if done correctly. As for going up in the plane, its fine too, in fact a lot more comfy than pre-op as on a busy lift its a bit tight for space in there.

My surgeon was Mr. Mitchell from UK. He did not give me the go ahead at 9 weeks but was completely fine about skydiving once I was fully fit. I have to say I am very surprised some doctors are not recommending skydiving, as it cannot be as bad as some other sports such as running etc.

Having said that running is next on my list of things to return to, so thank you Pat for the link on this subject.

July 8, 2012 It's been about 3 years now since I last posted on here re hip resurfacing and skydiving. At the time my surgeon was fine with me skydiving and I recently went for a check up and asked the same question and got the same answer. Which is good as I have done almost 150 skydives since my op. Hope this helps.

September 19, 2014

I came home yesterday from having had my left HR done on Monday. Had my right done 5 yrs ago now and its been brilliant. So I am now part of the bi-lateral club!  ;D

I went to the Royal Orthopaedic in Birmingham and had a very good experience, having had an Adept RS under Mr Pearson.
What has struck me this time around is the restrictions he has imposed in this first 6 weeks. For example the high seats, additional toilet seat, injections for the blood clots, not bending beyond 90* at the hip etc. etc.
Last time I had my RS in Harrogate and was  not given any constraints except be sensible and make sure I where the stockings.
Don't get me wrong I will follow the advise to the letter. I am guessing he is just extremely cautious which has to be a good thing.
The recovery is going well and I went for a small walk up the lane today....fantastic  :)

September 24, 2014

So its been 1 week and 2 days post op on my left hip in Birmingham.
I would say the 6 - 48hrs post surgery was the worst. Once I woke up from surgery I felt pretty good and was still numb from the waist so had no pain at all.
The morphine this time around was given orally in either a slow release capsule or liquid syringe, which worked quicker. Last time I had the op I had a button to push if I was in pain, and this released the pain killer intravenously. Probably better control then, but I pressed too many times and consequently felt quite ill. So this time although maybe slightly more painful at times, at least I felt reasonably well throughout my stay.
As before, out of bed next day and a few steps on the Zimmer frame, extremely painful!.
But then what a difference a day makes. The following day onto crutches and walking about fine with minimal pain.
Went home on day 4 and every day I am seeing more improvement. Only blip was a bladder infection once home which has now cleared up.
Hardest thing is just sleeping on my back. Back ache after a while. Easiest thing is showering given that the dressing is now waterproof.( Something I did not have last time).
Looking forward to increasing the length of my walking sessions, might try the indoor exercise bike in a few more days too. ;)

October 31, 2014

I was only on the crutches for 1 day in hospital then onto sticks for up to 4 weeks, then 1 stick up to my 6week check up which I had yesterday. I am now only going to use a stick on my longer walks.
I know what you mean about lying on your back in the early days. I found it hard. I put a pillow behind my knees and this made a difference to comfort. Then after a few weeks I would turn onto my non injury side for a short time but with the pillow between my legs. I found this stopped the operated side moving as much. Not recommending this for everyone, but it did work for me.

May 6, 2015

So its been 7 months since my Left HR and 6 Years since my Right HR.
And I have not run for at least seven years, mainly because after making a good recovery from my first op I started to slowly suffer in my other hip.
But last week I ran  my first 5k run. Very slow and was hurting by the end of it, but felt fantastic all the same. Funny thing is it was the older hip playing up. I am putting it down to tight hip flexors or something ( backed up by my physio).
In addition to this and to put the icing on the cake I finally returned to skydiving with a couple of jumps last Sunday.

Life is good  :)

September 12, 2015

I have started running for the first time in 7 years and I am also back into my main passion of skydiving. The skies the limit mate ;D




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