I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both hips at age 33. I am now 41. Pain got to the point I could no longer golf midway through last season (2008). Golf is one of my favorite activities. I gave up running completely over 2 year ago. Running was a passion of mine. I ran several marathons from 1999 to 2001. I could no longer go on walks with my wife without having to stop and stretch left leg. I started to get "foot drop" on left leg along with strange numbness sensation. I quit biking this summer (mountain biking and road biking). This winter I was unable to cross country or downhill ski. Last year the pain was excruciating when I went out west to snow board. It is time to get my life back. I have a 17 year old step son, a 4 year old daughter, and a 10.5 month old daughter. If for no other reason, I needed BHR just to keep up with my kids.

March 1, 2009 I had BHR on left hip February 17th, 2009. At twelve days post op my biggest problem is extreme tightness in IT band, tightness in quad of operated leg, and leg length. I do rehab exercises 3 times daily which has made a very positive impact on my recovery. I also go to outpatient PT twice a week. My problem is IT band and Quad tightness when I first wake up in morning and in the evening...5pm until bedtime. It loosens up about an hour after I get up in the morning. My routine in the morning starts by getting out of bed to retrieve my crying 10 month old daughter from her crib at 5:30am. I bring my 10 month old back to my bed and try to wake up and get my leg moving. I find when my baby crawls near my left thigh or IT band by left knee, the pain is quite intense when ever she bumps it. It is so tender that all she has to do is press lightly on it and I whince. I am not complaining...just comparing notes. I do every execise that has been recommended by PT (3Xdaily) and hope this tightness will eventually go away. I am working on the leg length issue as well. I think due to swelling and muscle tightness my left leg is about an inch longer than right leg. Very strange sensation, but stretching is finally seeming to help with issue. This website is extremely helpful and has addressed most of my post op concerns/questions. It is good to know what I am experiencing is normal.

March 11, 2009 My recovery is going well. I had my lbhr surgery locally and had only a 20 minute drive home at discharge. I know everybody is different, but I will NEVER forget my ride home from the hospital. It was extremely painful and exhausting. I was not anticipating this, so it was quite alarming. I am sure I am not the only one who had this type of experience.  Again, at three weeks post op, I am right on track with my recovery. I have been using a cycle training stand and cycling 30 minutes a day for the last 5 days. My ROM is improving significantly, and I should be walking w/o a limp by week 5 or 6.


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