December 27, 2011 In March 2006 I had a Birmingham hip in the Plymouth Nuffield Hospital. I moved to France in July 2006.

I am 59.

During the summer of 2011 it became obvious to me I would need the other hip doing.

My initial thoughts were that I wanted to return to Plymouth and have it done there but on discovering what the cost would be and that my original surgeon could not fit me in until March 2012 I hit the internet for solutions in France.

I was so pleased with my resurfacing I wanted to have the same in my other hip.

I discovered there were 4 possible locations in France and after considering them all choose Dr. Renaux at the Saint Isobelle Clinic in Abbeville.

The necessary arrangements were made and within 2 weeks I was being admitted.

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised at the standards at the Clinic. The staff were amazing and by comparison with my stay in The Nuffield the most obvious factor was that all the Saint Isobelle staff were directly employed and very definitely part of a team whereas the Nuffield staff were mainly agency staff.

I am not surprised they do not have a problem with infections in France. For example, the night before surgery 2 nurses arrived, I was shaved and cleaned down with an antiseptic solution and then given a gel and was asked to shower with it. This was repeated the next morning before I went down for surgery and I was mopped down again in theatre.

I was having an epidural so was conscious throughout. The thought of this gave me some concern at first but I have nothing but praise for this method.

In 2006 I had a general and was sick in recovery which was not pleasant and I did not feel myself for 36 hours. In contrast this time 1.5 hours after leaving surgery I was talking to my family assuring them that I was fine. My daughter who had seen me the day after surgery in 2006 assumed I had not had my surgery because I was so awake.

In UK I was given a bowl of hot water to shave with, in France I was given very thorough bed baths which did a great deal to make me feel better. This was for the first 2 days but after that I could independently get to my bathroom and was able to wash myself, but they still washed my legs & feet which I could obviously not reach.

My support stockings were taken off last thing every night and replaced the next morning which greatly improved my comfort and allowed me to sleep better.

The staff had great pride in what they did and how they did it.

Another example, changing my dressings. Hands were cleaned and gloves applied, the dressing was then removed and gloves were changed then the wound cleaned and a clean dressing applied.

Whilst I was there I met 2 ladies who had come from UK for surgery. One had been told she would have to loose weight before they would operate on her. To me she was by no means overweight, I believe it was being used as an excuse.

The price is half what I was quoted for a UK private resurfacing.

As you may have gathered I would unreservedly recommend this surgeon & clinic.



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