I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow and my home PT tried to remove my staples today and the skin has started healing around the staples. It was so painful and he actually bent 3 removers (all that he had with him) and only managed to remove 3 of more than 20. Now my incision is throbbing and I need to go in to the Ortho office tomorrow and get some kind of numbing and have them removed. I just wondered if anyone else has had this problem. Everything else is going really well, I can even get into the shower, lifting my leg over the tub, and sitting on a stool in the shower but can't shower until 24 hrs after the staples are removed. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow. I had been feeling relatively little pain, only taking meds every 7 hrs and not waking in the night for the last 2 nights, so this set back is sucky, not to mention painful.

March 21, 2010 I just want to say that I am 3 months post-op (BHR on my right hip) and my emotions were all over the place (still are sometimes). Every little improvement is a confidence boost, but then it would seem as though I would over do it and regress a little in my progress. Finally on Mar 9 my doctor released all limitations and I am swimming again and slowly trying other things, (working on crossing my legs). I don't think anyone can know the depression and elation, ups and downs that we go through unless you experience it and even then we all have different reactions.

This forum has helped me through all of the craziness and although I have been a turtle at getting better I would always find hope here in everyone's posts. What's most important is that we will all get through this even though at different rates and pain levels. I was so envious when I would read that people had not had pain medication since day 2 or whatever. I still take pain meds a couple of times a day and I feel sore often. My back has been killing me and I have been given muscle relaxers for that, which help me sleep all night! My doctor assures me that this is all very normal and will clear up in time, that because of learning to walk correctly again my back is feeling the strain, so I am trying to be patient. I know that one day soon, this will all be a distant memory and I'll be pain free again. When I look back at the 1st few days post-op I can see the progress that I have made in leaps and bounds. Really 3 months is a relatively short period of time. We all just need to hang in there together and help each other when we can.


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