I had a left HR done on 1/30/08 and played my first 18 on 4/26. Not a pretty sight. I think the left hip is slightly more impeded in the golf swing, at least it was for me. I am no single digit handicapper, but for me inside 3 months was a bit too soon.

I have subsequently played about 4 more rounds and have walked one of them. No pain and performance has improved dramatically since that day in April (it was also about 45F and windy).

My PT recommended a number of balancing exercises that were quite helpful. He had a styrofoam half tube (flat on one side, round on the other) that I would balance on with the round side down for as long as possible - maybe 20 seconds. Sounds easier that it was.

Chris Nolan Chicago Sheinkop 1/30/08


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