My name is Chris and am in Cyprus. I had a Corin hip resurfacing on my right hip 5 months ago. My doctor is Alkis Lapithis. He studied and practiced for many years in the USA.

It was a complicated surgery as I had staphyloccos bacteria in the hip (cleaned out and started the rut) at a very early age and after wear and tear of sports decided to do it at 33 years age. Had alot of hip dysplasia and bone grafting was done. God and my doctor looked after me especially making sure with all his skills to give me a hip resurfacing instead of a THR. Post-anterior approach surgery was done.

I had a tough 3 months until I could walk without crutches but funny enough my chiropractor speeded up my recovery by straightening my back because of my lower back disk degeneration, started walking straight away. Now for two months I have been walking daily for an hour and feeling stronger and stronger.

The issue that I have now is that when I am lying down on my back at night a small portion of my outside thigh just above the knee and an area of 3cm I get tingling and numbness like there are ants running up and down my veins. As soon as I lift my knee up a bit and put my foot down it all goes away. It is wierd to see I have this only when lying flat. It is not causing me pain but it is annoying as I don't have issues the whole day especially when seated at my computer the whole time and the daily walk.

Has anyone had this issue? Is it perhaps blood vessels or veins that are rebuilding or is there a blockage of circulation somewhere? Could it be part of the recovery process? Pat, thank you for a great site which I followed for 6 months before I went ahead with Surgery.


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