My name is Chuck. I am a truck driver.

My hip resurfacing operation was performed on May 22. The hip resurfacing operation was performed in Denver Colorado. The doctor was very candid about the fact that he had performed about 12 hip resurfacing operations. At the time I did not know enough to ask the proper questions.

For over twenty years I lived with right hip pain. The last two years was constant. Pain killer were my constant companions and my best friends. People always said that I walked and ran "funny" with my right hip and leg going out and in.

The doctors I had seen in the past recommended that I live with the condition until the pain becomes too great then get a THR operation. I did that and this spring decided to have hip surgery. Just a few weeks before the surgery I read an article in a newspaper about hip resurfacing. It seemed like good alternative.

My hip pain is gone. For that I am thankful.

I am walking with two crutches. I can manage with one crutch, but lean to the left (good) side. The physical therapist has me walking "heel toe". I practice that all the time. It feels good. The physical therapist measured my legs. It appear that the new right hip is 39 inches abd the left hip is 38 inches. Putting a couple of shoe insoles in my left shoe appeared to even thing out. The walking feels better. I do all the PT exercises as proscribed.

I hope and pray that my hip resurfacing operation turns out for the good.

Since the surgery I have been home recovering. I have never spent this much time at home or this much down time.

The Surface Hippy site has been very interesting to read. Much of the information has actually sacred me a little. Maybe I should have done more "homework" before the surgery. But that would not have happened being on the road all the time.

My goals: To live without hip pain. To be improving rather than getting worse. Be able to go hiking and biking with my grandsons. Be able to go back to work.

The Surface Hippy has been informative.

June 11, 2008 My hip resurfacing surgery is 19 days out, from Thursday May 22. The physical therapist says that my recovery has been very rapid. I have been completing the proscribed exercises for PT 3 times per day.The last two days though the rate of improvement appears to have slowed considerably. On the same side as the new hip there has developed some soft tissue pain in my right buttocks and right knee. I believe this is due to the new hip and learning how to walk normally. My body is not used to that. Due to the extended period of time that I was in pain, with decreasing mobility and over compensating in order to get through each day.

I posted earlier but failed to identify the doctor who performed my surgery. Dr. Gargaro. He is with the HMO Kaizer Permanente Denver Colorado.

June 19, 2008 I am 4 weeks post operation. My hip no longer has pain. I can walk with out a cane. Cannot climb stairs, put socks or shoes on. I cannot not even get close to 90 degrees. 80 degrees with a struggle at best. The ROM is very , very limited. The PT has remarked on this to me. The walking gait is difficult to keep straight. The PT exercises are being followed religiously. The walks consist of two or three walks each day at about 1/2 mile

Due to the pain in my hip I had compensated by "hiking" up my injured hip. This went on for many years. Before the surgery both the pain and lack of mobility were debilitating.

My doctor appears very conservative about PT activity that would put the hip at risk. The the current state of progress is very depressing.

June 22, 2008 From this web site I have learned that there is a very broad band width of individual recovery experience and progress.

I am looking to share the physical therapy recommendations and rehabilitation experiences.

The doctor has prioritized the standard hip precautions and hip stability with ROM secondary. Out-patient physical therapy 2 times per week. I have been very disciplined to the prescriptions and comply with the recommendations of the doctor and physical therapist.

Today is 30 days post operation to the right hip resurfacing.

At this stage I am walking with a cane, mostly for security, and occasional support.

Walks: 2 x per day about 1/2 mile each walk on sidewalks, I try to walk up an down a gentle grassy slope for 5 to 10 minutes while on the walk.

Exercises: Half squats (less than 90 degrees of course) 3 sets 20 each, twice a day Various front, side and rear raises, sometimes with ankle weights of 1.5 pounds.

Stairs: practice going up and down 10 steps, 2 x per day 4 / 5 times down is no problem up requires a slight toe off left foot.

ROM: With best effort I can get to 75 or 80 degrees.

The resurfaced hip is pain free. Minor soreness end of PT. The right knee is sore on the walks, the hip pain, decreased mobility and compensating gait over the years may have masked a knee problem.

July 5, 2008 Physical Therapy / Recovery / Big Change

Up to 39 days post op PT was not going well hip mobility very low ROM 30-40 lower to upper back pain very tight no walking and limping getting depressed maybe I was over doing things ?

Sunday June 29 went to ER big shot of muscle relaxant felt big "release" pinched nerve ? body realigning ?

Monday June 30 - Sat July 5 no pain hip mobility increasing 70-95 slight lower back pain walking better than ? perhaps 20 years confident on the road to recovery

Doctor advised: walking and ride stationary bike, start with seat high, progressively lower seat to increase ROM This makes some sense

Lesson: Even with a good surgeon and done right As Pat suggested, patience with your body healing Lots of stuff going on differently with each person More stuff wrong post op, may increase recovery time and issues It appears PT programs may be in need of catch up

August 5, 2008 I am 9 weeks post op rt hip BHR Back is tight, ROM rt hip stuck at 75 degrees. Before surgery ROM 110 degrees. Many years of limp also. Groin pain and sight top of incision pain. Sometimes back tightens all the way to shoulders. I even went to the ER one day the pain and tightness in the back was so bad. I too have been exercising very regularly taking care of course. I see my doctor in 2 weeks.

Too much exercise may be bad I am thinking. Also being too strong and bull headed maybe waiting too long makes the come back longer and limited ?

October 4, 2008 Now 4 months post operation Recovery has been slow and painfull As my prior posts have noted ROM has been a major problem and matter of concern

Walking without pain 20 to 30 minutes per day Even go for a 2-3 hour easy trail hike on weekends Hitting the weights for the legs 2-3 times per week Engaged the services of a personal trainer who us also a chiropractor. ROM is improving quickly, except for hip flexion. Still cannot tie the shoes easily. I believe soft tissue tightness and muscel imbalance is a significant cause. Much progress being made last several weeks. I have finally come to believe that I will end with a good hip.

The leg ended up a little longer, about 6 mm longer than the left. This has been very hard, much work. I would still do this again.

The big lessons: do your homework before the surgery work hard be patient work hard

October 25, 2008 right hip resurfaced May 23 2008 55 years old, active athlete, that did not really take best of care of self leg length about 1/2 inch longer on right now otherwise hip appears good,

recovery was very difficult rom very limited, lots of tightness after much pt, not very useful, lots of frustration, being really scared working out and stretching like a mad man, somewhat useful but slow progress at three months out I engaged the services of a personal trainer, who is also a chiropractor much progress made, still cannot tie shoes easily but is better, but all other measures are improving very quickly this made all the difference I am confident in my eventual recovery

I am a rock climber and mountaineer. I intend to start climbing again in the late spring 2009.

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