September 18, 2010 Nadi Kalap carried out my metal-on-metal right hip resurfacing in July this year, he is an extremely attentive and dedicated surgeon, one of only two who specializes in this procedure in my area (Gloucestershire).

Prior to my surgery Mr. Kalap gave me an additional appointment solely to answer all my questions. Following surgery he was the only orthopedic consultant on my ward who made DAILY visits to his patients (at 7am in the morning!) and gave us paper copies of our post-op X-Rays for interest.

I was given exercises whilst in hospital to continue once at home and a Physio appointment at about 4 weeks post-op where I took home a sheet of grueling - but amazingly effective - exercises to do daily.

I won't pretend it's been easy; I have muscle atrophy in my right thigh and the exercises have been extremely painful (shouting my way through them has sometimes been the only way to get through!), but with dedicated effort and determination - and some hydrotherapy - I am emerging from the experience a stronger and more agile person with no pain

October 3, 2010 I'm almost 12 weeks post-op and have been cycling along my local country lanes for about 5 weeks now. I usually cycle for about 45 minutes and each ride includes one or two short, steep climbs. I have no adverse reaction whatsoever in my hip. The main reason for the cycling, apart from the enjoyment, is to strengthen my atrophied quad muscle in operated leg.  This seems to be happening slowly, but surely. Hydro-therapy has been the saving grace for me though.


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