I just turned 50 last May, and had my right hip resurfaced in October 2009. I've been a runner since my teens...on and off. Ran through the pain as long as I could. Slowed down, and lessened the mileage, then had to stop. Resorted to the elliptical for the last six months or so before the surgery, just to keep from getting too out of shape.

The operation went well and I'm very happy so far. Unfortunately, I put on a bit of weight from inactivity for the three months following the resurfacing.

Started back with the elliptical and spinning as of a month and a half ago. Slowly getting my wind back and shedding a few pounds. I wasn't planning on trying to run (jog) until about six months out, but....I couldn't resist, and have done a few easy runs on the treadmill. Did 4 miles a couple days ago. Nice and easy (8.5 minute/mile pace). Hip feels fine...it's the rest of me that's trying to adjust mostly.

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