I am 38 and fractured and dislocated my femur and tore up my knee at 25 during an unlucky day in the mountains. Healed up and went right back to arduous days of ski mountaineering, cycling, climbing, surfing, and never ending games of pick up soccer. Two and half years ago I began to go down hill and it happened rapidly. I tried a scope and micro fracture with a widely recognized specialist but it was a poor decision based on my condition. I found about 6 months of relief and regained enough ROM to ride a bike. By the time I was making my arrangements for the resurfacing, I was using a cane in an attempt to preserve my back and knee from my horrific limp. Right up to my surgery date I swam, lifted, and practiced modified yoga.

Dr. Giordani performed my surgery, BHR L hip. I have nothing but good things to say about his professionalism and his patient care. I do have restrictions of 90 degrees and 4 weeks non-weight bearing and 4 weeks of 50 percent. These are very challenging to follow but I will do my best while testing the water conservatively.

Okay, the most important note about my recovery is that both MY WIFE AND MOTHER ARE PT'S. Therefore my floor exercises have been very aggressive since day 3 post surgery. We moved quickly to core straitening principles, rooted in pilates. I entered the pool at day 21 and began doing the dynamic warm up in 5 feet of water (excellent group of exercises that can be googled) and swimming some light laps. I also began lifting with my upper body 10 days post surgery with assistance. The key to my recovery in addition to my PT connections is that kicked all drugs two days after surgery, total body wrecking garbage.

Work... in a perfect world I would train myself back into the person I used to be with a singular focus but that does not pay the bills. I worked from home for three weeks and will return to week full time tomorrow after a dry run last week. My job tends to involve quite a bit of driving to job sites and project management, I will be exhausted this coming week!

In conclusion, even though I am not walking yet, I know the surgery has been successful. My pain pre- surgery was intense, my surgeon was very blunt about the horrific condition of the joint. The pain experienced during even the most timid movements is history.

I feel confident that I could ditch the crutches earlier but why risk living with woulda, shoulda, coulda. I have quite a bit of life ahead of me and do not feel the need to puff up my chest with a short term story of physical conquest. I am very confident, that in due time, I will be climbing 5000 feet, sitting on top of a beautiful peak, and then ski it like the cameras are rolling!

October 21, 2011 After four weeks, I am becoming spoiled with my pain free life. People always seem to be asking post surgery if it hurts or is it painful. I always tell them that I was in pain before the surgery, now I am just a little sore and remembering what a normal body is all about.

November 12, 2011 I went through the scope, microfracture baloney. I am 38 and they are reluctant to drop the metal into someone our age when there is another possible option. I had a sliver of cartliage left when they performed the surgery, which allowed me to regain enough ROM to get back on the bike for about eight months and then I was right back to being a physical junk show. Follow the others advice and talk to a dr who specializes in BHR.

I am eight weeks post op and making positive strides daily. This surgery is no joke though and should only be undertaken when you have become severely limited in your activities in my opinion. I am an athlete and it is a hard pill to swallow when you have reduce or give up an activity you love. it is even tougher to know that you can not be the fastest or the strongest no matter how hard you train because the body is limited. Good luck with your endeavors and your search for a solution

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