I had my right hip resurfaced March 5. 2009 by Dr. Frank Smith in Hamilton, Ontario. At my six week appointment he told me to start chipping and each week, if there was no problems the next week hit short irons, the following week hit long irons etc to where I felt comfortable that nothing was going to happen. I am now back walking a golf course for the first time in about six years. No pain, or problems.

March 25, 2009 I also had SCFE as a kid and had no problems until I reached the age of 42, when as an active golfer found I could no longer walk 18 holes of golf without my leg stiffening and pain. I wnt to an othopedic surgeon who advised I had arthiritis in my hip and total hip replacement was my only option and at my age to wait as long as possible. I put up with the pain until last summer when I found out about hip resurfacing from this website and track down a doctor in Toronto who performed this surgery. An appointment was setup but the news was not good as he said he could not do anything for me. I also found out about a doctor in Hamilton who was the expert doing hip resurfacing and asked for a referral which I got. He saw me in November and surgery was scheduled for March 5. Due to the SCFE he advised that if he did a hip resurfacing he would take the pins out and that meant he would have to graft bone which would mean no weight bearing for six weeks. The surgery on March 5 was successful, Dr. Smith performed a hip resurfacing(right hip) and was unable to get the pins out so he left them in which meant no weight restrictions. The day after surgery I was up walking with the aid of a walker and within a week I was on crutches. It is now three weeks after surgery and I am no walking with a cane. I must say during this whole ordeal, I have had no pain what so ever. I also have been back to work a couple days a week for 3 hours at a time and drove for the first time today. I would like to thank Pat and all the others who post on this website, the info here is amazing


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