I scheduled my surgery on Dec. 1, 2008 here in Boise, ID with Dr. Menzner (he's been my ortho since I broke my femur 8 years ago).

I was the 22nd resurfacing by Dr. Menzner in Boise, ID... I ended up with a Cormet device which has been in place for just over three years now.

I flew a parachute into the ground in 2001 and shattered my femur which ended up causing some nasty OA in that hip. Due to it being a worker's compensation injury, I was limited on my choices for a surgeon (Dr. Menzner was also the one who pinned my femur). However, I was comfortable with him as a surgeon as we've gotten to know each other well over the years through all of my other injuries.

I still continue to abuse the daylights out of my body at work and at play and my Cormet hip is doing great. We did an X-Ray, MARS MRI and blood work last December as I was having some groin pain and wanted to rule out damage to the joint, metal ion issues, etc.

Everything came back perfect and the pain was attributed to an inflamed tendon (I started doing Krav Maga in November). Some deep tissue massage work has remedied the tendon issue and all is well.

Regardless, I feel very fortunate and am very thankful the procedure yielded such great results from a surgeon who was "new" to resurfacing.

Thank you Dr. Menzner

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