I had hip dysplasia bilateral.  found out when I was 40 years old, after injury to right hip, moving a bed. In 2004 had Dr. Mont do a bone graft, on Rt hip was good for awhile.

I'm 50 now , 5' 2" 135 lbs and was doing well, on melixcam, back not an issue, hips did bother me but I always pushed through it.  I stayed busy with work, life and walking. I found a very good Dr, at Kaiser, Dr. Barber.  He's great and had experience with hip resufacing and bilaterals too. I was doing well so just put it off. Then,  last Oct 2010, when I was hit by a car on the freeway, and spun twice, and hit side guard rail. Indeed very lucky to be alive. Anyway that brought everything with hips back front and center.  Melixcam didn't cover the pain anymoe and life was going down hill fast.   After much reading on this site, I had bilateral hip resurfacing on Jan. 3rd 2011. There where 2 days when I said what the heck have I done? Then just kept getting better off pain pills at 2 1/2 weeks and take only supplements now , Omega 3's, Iron, Vit C, calcium, and oil of oregano.

I'm doing well, doing PT for my back and hips. Go to my Chiropractor 2 times a week for back, getting stronger everyday and back doing some work.  I'm a seamstress and work out of my home so its easier.

As far as recovery, my Doctor thinks I'm ahead of the curve, but reading on this web-site I feel I'm middle of the road. The only thing I worry about is a fracture.  I'm trying to be careful. Looking forward to my 3 month X-rays to see healing.




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