After a horse accident, in which the horse ran between two trees and wish boned me by catching both knees on the trees and opened my hips wider than God intended, I began to have hip problems. This occurred in May of 2000 and unbeknownst to me, it broke a piece of acetabular bone which fell into the hip socket. Once the damage was done, the damaged bone began to produce spurs. The spurs then caught on the bone fragment causing pain and loss of ROM. Eight years later, I was experiencing a great deal of pain and being in the Army Reserves, began to affect my ability to stay fit. I saw my local Orthopedic doctor and after x-rays, recommended me to see Dr. J Thomas Byrd in Nashville. I had surgery in October of 2008 during which he removed the nearly one inch long bone fragment and reshaped the acetabular rim and femoral head to remove the spurs. The greatly improved my ROM and reduced my pain. I began to run again and had no issues for quite some time.

In early 2012, I began to experience many of the same problems that I had before. Once again, I saw my local orthopedic doctor and after x-rays, saw the spurs had returned. He recommended the I visit Dr. Clohisy in St. Louis to see if he correct the issue. X-rays were taken and he instantly stated that he could not preserve the hip. He presented the option of total replacement and went over the pros and cons of the surgery. He then discussed the possibility of hip resurfacing. I am a 37 year old male with no health problems. I was running around 35 miles per week up until January of 2012. He felt that in order to maintain my current lifestyle, the resurfacing would be a better option.

On August, 22 2012, I arrived for the surgery, everything went perfectly. The resurfacing was completed without issue by Dr. Clohisy. Other than the 5 hour car ride home only 24 hours after the surgery, I have been in minimal pain. Therapy starts this afternoon and all seems to be well. The entire staff at Dr. Clohisy's office were great as were the staff at Barnes Jewish Hospital.

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