Jono's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gaston August 14, 2012

On Tuesday I had a LBHR by Dr Gaston in Edinburgh. Today I went for a quiet walk with my crutches by the Clyde in Glasgow without a limp for the first time in 3 years.

When I first went for an X-ray at the start of the year I was told that THR was the best approach but the more I read this site and the more research I did the more I was convinced about HR. I insisted on a BHR and 6 months later after switching surgeon here I am.

I am 47 male and very active. I swim, cycle and play most sports. I have so many hopes for my BHR but also an understanding of the journey I face. The most incredible thing is not even knowing it is implanted in me. My muscles are sore but my hip is as quiet as can be.

Dr Gaston's registrar was from Switzerland and confessed that they do almost no HRs. It amazes me that such a great device is not used more. This site is a god send to many people out across the world. Please keep it up.

August 17, 2012

Day 3 post op, still feeling very sore at hip, cut my pain meds to paracetemol and starting to learn how to live without bending the left knee. The relief of going home yesterday was amazing.  I figure muscle pain is going to be about for many weeks so just going to get used to it. The pain is much easier to handle than the hip pain before as I know it will go away in the future.

September 9, 2012

I am on almost 4 weeks and it seems like a age since my operation. Over the last week I have moved from one crutch to no crutch in my flat and fast crutch walking outside. I can sleep on my front partially and my drugs down to 1 or 2 paracetemol a day. Tomorrow I meet with my physio and the real work begins to get back into shape.

Had one bad day last week when I went out to dinner and sat on hard stool for an hour or two. My hip just blew up and I started to feel quite ill. Ice plus paracetemol and a good sleep got me back into shape but now cautious not to sit on hard chairs or stools for long.

Got an automatic 4*4 so can drive around but my leg gets tired after an hour or less.

Went to see a friend this weekend and took a short flight. Set off the security scanner both times.

Feeling more positive than ever now. Cant wait to get back in the pool this week and stop feeling like an invalid. Been watching the paralympics this week and just amazed with how the participants handle their disabilities. So glad that I can go back to being able bodied.

September 16, 2012

Now almost 5 weeks post op and time is flying. Started physio this week and felt better immediately. My physio has treated at least 10 HRs before. My ROM improved with every tweak.

Following my physio approval I also started swimming every day for about 500m - 1km at the health club. Getting my muscles to start working again is such a relief. Can walk about house without crutches but still use one outside. Sleep fairly normally and can get dressed by myself using slip on shoes no problem. Swelling has now gone, and take no drugs except odd paracetemol. Hip has slight twinges but no clunking.

Here are the comments on my physio and wondered what others thought.

1. Swimming is good but no breaststroke
2. Cycling OK but make sure of riding position
3. No golf for 6 months due to stress on hip
4. No drinking. Most accidents happen after drink. (This is Glasgow)
5. Dont go too fast or too slow in your recovery.
6. Stay walking with crutch until 6 weeks so you don't develop limp. Stand up and walk with straight back.

September 22, 2012

It is now 6 weeks and reading other people's logs I guess I am pretty standard. This is what my tough Physio says too. My scar is healing well, I take almost no painkillers and I can walk straight and fast with one crutch and slow without any. I can climb stairs with alternate legs and swim every day. For the first time I am confident that at the end of the journey there will be sunshine. Even in Glasgow. LOL.

My phsyio has me doing gentle weights in the gym. My biggest challenge is to lie on the mat and raise both hips with just my bad leg on the floor. This is impossible at the moment but I am working on it. Other exercises include standing on alternate legs and doing heel raises, squats with a ball no weight and only down to 50% plus using a pulley system with 4kg of weight on it for leg exercises. Finally lying on my back and pushing my knees as far apart as possible.

Next week I have my X-ray and hope like Ruby to be signed off and back to the world of those living without pain.

I will avoid running or heavy lifting for the next 3 months but I have my heart set on a gentle ski at the start of next year with my sons.

October 6, 2012

Here I am onto 8 weeks and life gets better on a daily basis. No crutches, no pain at night and yesterday went for a walk up a big hill with no problem. Still taking things easy including the beer.  I do find driving can cause pain after a while and don't try running yet but just do swimming, walking and exercise bikes. As an added bonus I have lost 5 kg since I started preparing for the surgery a few months ago.

October 21, 2012

Now 9 weeks post op and life moves on fast. I sleep normally. I walk normal. I swim. I go the gym. Yet to start running but that can wait until after Xmas. My next ambition is to restart dancing which I used to love.

Oh yes and also back onto beer but only in moderation! Unlike many others in Glasgow on Saturday night.


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