December 30, 2009

I had a hip resurfaced in 2006. I am a competitive (old fart category) swimmer. I had a good postop recovery and rehab and was active again fairly quickly. I have been pleasantly surprised that the strength and flexibility of my operated hip has continued to improve with PT/exercise even 2 years plus post surgery. PT and patience.

My surgeon was Mr. Vickers, who coincidentally did the Queen Mum's hips with SMA. I expect to be going back to KE7 to have my other half done, but as my surgeon has retired I will be with someone else.

January 29, 2011

I am pleased to report that I will be looking for a new name following a RHS BHR on Tuesday. I will revisit bothdone's suggestions and give some thought to a suitable update to my now outdated moniker.

I was resurfed Tuesday, again at the KE7 in London. This is my second visit to the hospital. There have been some changes in the protocols and routine since last time but the experience has lived up to toby's "gold standard" appellation.

I'm pleased to say that all seems to be progressing smoothly.

There are already many more entertaining posts on the site on the resurf experience than I could muster, but I thought I might comment on a few of the differences for me this time round.
1. Urine retention and constipation were both a challenge and discomfort the first time around. This time I chose to be catheterised in theatre. I kept this until early am of day2 post surgery. Very happy with this decision - catheter out is much less uncomfortable than catheter in, which this time was painless because I was under GA. No subsequent problems. On BM encouragement, I stuck to a BM friendly diet supported by softener and senokot before and after surgery which got the Bs moving again day 2 with minimal discomfort in the interim. Thank you Lord for inventing the prune. Overall huge improvement on QOL since last time.

2. I was a late patient - midday - and was not asked to get up on my feet day of surgery - but was up with little drama day1. Despite my persistent attempts at negotiation, I was not allowed to have a shower (even seated or supervised) on day 1. As I experienced some faintness as I was up and about on day 1, I gained first hand appreciation of the merits of this rule - and it made the first shower on day 2 all the more glorious an experience.

3. I have been using Flowtron "squeezy boots" this time. Many don't, but I like 'em. They have even made the TEDs seem a little more bearable.

4. The anti-clot protocols seem to have changed quite a bit. I've had a couple of shots in the stomach and will be discharged with some oral meds for this.

5. Physio. Very similar programme as last time but progressing a bit more quickly. Apart from a few no-nos, like no stairs on day 1, the approach seems to be a little and often routine progressing as the patient can handle. My approach will be to keep to the routine of standing, walking and hydro exercises that I'm being retaught this week for the first 3 weeks following discharge and then branch out with a little more professional guidance at that stage. Last time my 6 month progression worked very well, so I'm looking to replicate that experience.

6. Less ouchy around hip and wound site post op - possibly because surgery required a little less trauma and dislocation, but pain management is different also and this hip was in better condition than the last one going in. This has also helped facilitate more rapid physio progress.

February 11, 2011

Couldn't be happier with progress so far. (Actually I want to whisper this because I feel slightly bashful sharing progress when others are on a longer recovery track.) I've been walking with just a cane since day 2 and my PT (just walking and the basic hospital exercise programme at this stage) has progressed daily up to 3 miles on my longer walk. Much less post-op tiredness than last time through as well. Wound looking good. Back in the pool for HT when I get home next week. Close to being ready get rid of the stick, but will keep it for a while to ensure that my walking "technique" remains good and I don't lapse into duck walk -and of course to beat off muggers. Getting lots of sleep

February 23, 2011

I am 52, 4 wks + 2 days post-op. I am also doing regular PT (walking, PT ex, + pool time), but I am planning to wait a few more weeks before I start anything like cybex hip work, which I regard as slightly aggressive for PT at this stage (just my opinion). IMHO I think you are just experiencing a normal reaction to your daily activity - the incision is deep and still healing, and the operation involves an element of hip dislocation, and the PT is bound to pull at the repairing tissue. Everything stiffens up a little overnight, and you probably roll onto the incision from time to time.

I got my first two nights of really good sleep just this week, before that I was up at 3am watching TV, and sometimes getting a bit more sleep after that. I'm still using tylenol at night, though I am very comfortable without during the day, but stopped a night time tramadol about a week ago. I find when sleeping the hip stiffens up and feels a bit more tender and though I'm not getting "toothache" type pain, I know I've had surgery.

May 1, 2011


Made me smile ND. It's those big I PUT ON MY SOCK!! And it goes to prove that you can teach a newdog old tricks!

Enjoy spring....I think it may have finally arrived. Rock on all.

May 13, 2011

I found ROM and function on my left hip (now 5 years old) continued to improve up to even a couple of years post-op. I don't push it as hard as many on this forum, but it has done a couple of Olympic distance tris with no after effects. I am hoping that my newer addition, now approaching 4 months, settles in as well as the other did.

I'm an Advanced Open Water diver but dive rarely these days. It was a couple of years after my first op before I went diving - no problems at all.

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