Eric's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Rovinsky 2008

November 10, 2008

I just got my hip resurfaced Monday, 7 days ago. I guess I didn't know 100% of what to expect, but I did have some ideas, wish I found this website before I went in instead of after, but am very glad I found this site, its wonderful. I am writing this to let you all know what experiences I had in my first 7 days, and perhaps others can relate or if going for yours, know somewhat what to expect.

Day of surgery went well, woke up in room around 3pm pretty out of it for the 1st hour. Hospital took great care of me, my doctor checked in on me before his day was over.
The next day the hospitals PT got me on my crutches, did the stairs. I was given the thumbs up to be released to my home, which is where I wanted to go. That afternoon I got home and being single, thought that this might be a mistake. I find it funny now, but my first bad experience at home came to me when I fell asleep on my bed and woke up having to urinate, I barely made it out of bed(no pain pill since before noon at the hospital) but I did make it and that scare got me to take a pain pill and found that I better take them every 4-6 hours if I was awake just to get out of the bed. The pain of the hip didn't hurt, just the trama of surgery.
By the next morning, Weds, I decieded to stop taking the pain pills so for I don't like the feeling of them, and went to tylenol or advil or asprine for my choices along with tumeric as an anti-inflamation pain herb. By Thursday I was feeling well enough to go shopping at the grocery store with the aid of a friend. Oups, maybe too fast, around 40 minutes of pushing a shopping cart and getting in and out of a F-150 truck, cooking for myself, and then taking out the trash down a steep driveway for trash nite...swelling above what I had so I went to elevate. By midnite, was in discomfort from overdoing it, but woke up in the morning feeling better. I did rest all day Friday and into Saturday I was feeling so good that I by sunset I called over some friends and cooked a "Thank you for helping me meal". Oups, overdid it again. Before bed I was again swelled up and sore deep down on my quad, like a bone bruise. Sunday I rested, TGI Football and nascar and this website. I learned so much from reading others stories. This morning, a week after my surgery, I am feeling great, I have not yet been to my PT but that is coming up Thursday along with my first follow up visit to my Doctor. I do know my body, and try to do the little things that I should be doing like starting from my ankles and trying to work up to my leg, lying down or standing. I am keeping an eye on my diet, eating good will also keep you healing, and resting when my body tells me too.

I am thankful that on my island here in Hawaii has a doctor who does Birmingham, for I am on the outer island of Kauai. I should also mention that I am a very active 43 year old male. My hip is due to Osteoarthritis from a fall off a motorcycle into a tree on a steep hill 6 years ago, the pains came back to me 3 years later, in the last 2 years after tryiing deep tissue massage then ROLF(structial intergration) I knew I should simply get this done right, so I can live my very active lifestyle. Everybody I talked to who got this or the total hip was simply "why didn't I get this done earlier" thus I will not live in my pain anymore and will take my road to recovery.

I do have some questions, the main one is that deep pain that is in my leg under the swelling, light massage seems to help, but did anyone else get that one?

I look forward to posting my story and updates as I go thru them.
Mahalo(thank you) and Aloha,

November 18, 2008

I am writing this to encourage and also to be encouraged by those ahead of me. My second week went very well with only a few things that I want to bring up and mention for feedback. I had my first back to the doctors visit since the surgery along with my x-rays and that went well and very interesting to see what is now in me. My doctor was impressed with my progress. I mentioned to him this site and he is looking into become a hipster doctor. I asked my doctor when I can begin to drive again, and his opinion was when I felt ready since I have not been on the pain meds since the day after my return home. (I did have to take a pain pill the other nite due to a pain in my thigh that feels like I got slammed by a 2x4 deep down to the bone, and my doctor said that was from the trama of the surgery and the dislocating of the joint.) I did find out that when I rest for too long, the leg seems to want to move around or the pain sets in, so flexing helps take the pain away and then as I read that others do, I do some laps in the house, just walking to the kitchen and standing on the leg takes the pain away.

I also went to my first PT this week and the first thing she told me was to walk with one crutch for I was trying to walk no crutch which I can do but only small small steps and with a limp. It did make more sense to focus on walking perfect with the crutch then to look like I got hit by a bus and learn bad habits. I went through my range of motion and showed off my strength and was given the excersizes that I need to work on. It is frustrating to have not even the strength to do a leg lift. I wonder how long it will be for that muscle to get some strength back, I am not a fan of failure. When doing my home PT work, I use my other leg to help me do the leg lift, I go back tomorrow for my second PT, and hope for good feedback and perhaps a few more excersizes.

So this last week I did see some growth and found it easier to do things, finding where I have strenght and where I have limits. The hardest part is not being able to drive....until I pulled myself in my truck to see how it would feel to sit there, I noticed i can reach my gas and brake easily for its my right leg that got the resurface. Its kind of uncomfortable sitting in the truck, getting in and out too, but I felt good about being in there. I now have been driving for the last 3 days this week, the first day was not easy, I had to get in and out 6 times and that was its own workout, but the freedom is great! Woke up that nite with that deep pain in my thigh, but was able to flex and walk it off. Today driving around got easier getting in and out and getting more comfortable sitting in the seat.

I am very proud that I am coming around, still in my mind I want more and faster, but I look at what I couldn't do last week and what I am now doing it this makes me happy. I will probably be on my one crutch or a cane for a few more weeks due to I want strength and don't want bad habits. I am looking forward toward hitting a pool and try working out in there. I am looking forward towards these next 2 weeks for my goal for the 4th week is to be very mobile and able to do every day things that need to get done around the house. Thank you for reading this, I know I should just put this in as my story, but I feel that some might want to know what to expect week by week as I do. Mahalo


December 1, 2008

Swimming is really good, I was before my surgery. I also kept up the things I loved to do for I knew I wasn't going to be doing some things for a few months after the surgery, and I love doing my things. Yoga stretches are good things too, I have no disclipline when it comes to stretching for its was never an easy thing for me, but I tried to twist and turn, pose and what evers and thought loose thoughts, but my stretching was kindegarden compared to those who stretched all their lives.

I was taking tumeric for my anti-inflammatory herb and it is also good for pre and post operations. Also did the advil and tylenol or asprine for my pain relief before surgery along with once in awhile a pain pill for the rough days before surgery. I found that after surgery, I was able to do the same treatment for my pain, meaning that I was on the pain pill barely for 2 days, and the advil for 2 days after that, then only 2 times did I need a pain pill and that was when I was not moving around and found out that circulation helps keep the pain level down for me.

I am at 4 weeks tomorrow, and I am loving the fact that I am getting stronger every day. Today after my at home PT I went to the beach and walked the sand and walked in the water for about a half an hour, trying to get a longer stride.(it all about your range of motion and strength after the surgery, but I am not a PT or doctor). I then swam around for the next half hour, and gave my hips some range of motion tests along with some stamina tests, felt really good and I know I will be swimming more often now for the great feeling I had when I got home.

December 17, 2008

I have just finished my 6 week post op and was given the opportunity to work past my restrictions. I was tight on my squats so I started to work on that right off the back, with a good support, just going down nice and slow and back up seemed to help, but better was to do the squats in the water to make my weight lighter, I could hold longer and even rock it slightly to get more and then get back to up position. After my sets, I did rapids and that got me even more loose. Then after I would stand by my truck and lift my ankle and then stretch my quad and it is supposed to work the psoas, holding for 30 seconds and repeating. Just in my 24 hours of this, I can bend down farther then yesterday, so I hope this might help you in yours. I looked up psoas on yahoo and just put that to use to how it affects me, and believe me, before surgery, tying my shoes was a problem, it still is, but I know that I can work on it and get it to loosen up and I will look forward to the days that my left is the same as my right or that I forgot that I used to be broken and now I am better.

January 7, 2009

9 weeks post op, feeling so good that I have to remember to take it easy. No pain in the hip, (remember your pain before the surgery) and now my biggest problem is I want to return to my sports for I feel so good. I stopped my PT 2 weeks ago for my active lifestyle is enough. Thanks for putting up the "hip stories of resurfaces gone bad" if I didn't read some of those stories, I just might be kiting already, I want to keep my resurface, so I am trying to be patient.

January 14, 2009

For my PT now that I am not doing formal and have been doing on my own for 2 weeks now being at 10 weeks post op. I have been working on my stretching to gain range of motion. Squats in knee-waist high water is great along with on the beach with something for support if needed, but more of a concentration on the stretching portion then the strength. I then do walking lunges, and then side to side stretches using a twist into my lower back,and or just letting my leg muscles go to their limits and thinking of being on a surfboard and surfing or kitesurfing and how it should feel while standing stretching in the sand. I finish off with single leg stands for balance and full weight strength to my hip, trying to bend the knee and lower my body or use my other leg and move it and hold in front, side and behind me. I also work on just getting into postition to tie my shoes and hold it there, being I was tight before the surgery, I feel I am just slightly better then what I was before surgery, and knowing it will get better in the next few weeks as I continue to do what I do. Looking forward toward hitting my 3 month mark and to see how much more I will be in 2 weeks.

February 5, 2009

I just had my first ride since my surgery.(93 days post op) Proud to say it earlier then I thought it would be, but being that I have been kiting up to the day before surgery and doing it about 4 days a week on average for the last year and half, and being the young and active person I am, always on the go, doing what might kill me eventually..I decieded that it was time. My body felt great since surgery, did all my physical therapy and by 6 weeks just continued that on my own, my life is physical, and well we all need, but by then I was well enough to paint my house and go back to work and continue my active lifesyle..all in the same days...I swam a few days a week, walked the beaches and did my own style of excersize while down there. I even worked on what ever bothered me as in lifting my leg to get into my truck with ankle weights just to make life easier. When I found a week muscle, I took the challenge to strengthen it. I worked on the motions that I would encounter in MY everyday life, even to me returning to kitesurfing and or surfing. I flew a small kite on the beach just before 1 month out and even gave a 4 hour lesson on the beach 4 weeks out.

I found enough information about hip resurfacing that gave me the confidence to give me the ok to go and do what I did today, to go out and ride a directional board in a lagoon of flat water with small one foot waves going through it. The wind was light, I weight 185 pounds, but all I brought with me was a 10M kite or smaller and my board is a 6'8". At first I took a few tacks out, my first few jybes were clean, didn't miss a step. I worked on the return back with flair making my turn going to healside, then jybing, again, clean and no pain or stress on my hip. A few more tacks, a few more turns, returns, all clean. After a few more tacks, my friends started to show up so I took a small break and put the kite down so I could talk story. There was no feeling in the leg that would of worried me. I had even hit some bunny ramps, came down clean and not one with any jarring. I was confident that I had not done anything more then to me what would be a coasting ride on a bike. My friends were glad to see me back in the water. I went back out for a few more tacks, after that the wind seemed to change along with low tide taking over, so a day it was...sucess! A few beers with the friends and I was a happy kiter. To finish off the sunset hour, I took my bike I also brought with me and rode a few miles down our ocean bike/walk/jog/doggie path. Was a great day!

Looking forward towards more, starting my first session off slow, will gradually work it up and into real waves but for now, to take it easy.

February 6, 2009

I should be so lucky as to have the easier side of the story recovery. The best part on this one is simply that I did not even have to leave my own little island that I live on. I live on Kauai, an outer island in Hawaii. What would be the chance that a skilled doctor lives here and works here? Well, Dr. Rovinsky does live here, he might not have over 200 HR done, but he is getting there. Think about how lucky I got that I didn't have to fly anywhere, for its a 30 minute flight to Oahu where the real city is,(my island is less the 60,000 in population) or I could of taken a 5 hour flight to the West Coast, or it could of been a longer then 15 hour flight for me to per say India or somewhere else. I chose to use the good name of my local doctor who everyone over here loves and speaks highly of him.(he might even be younger then me) I, like Pat, did not need the pain pills, I even got off the advil and aspirin after the first week, simple for me, the pain pre surgery was worst then the post. And at that month mark after the surgery, I felt like my old self ready to take on the world, knowing that every day my healing was going to get better and better.

I am just so thankful that I did what I did and where I did it and it worked!


February 19, 2009

Not trying to brag, kited again today, its been a windy week, and how can one sit on the sidelines when its good...

Its been about 7 days of kiting out of pain anywheres, the conditions, well if you kite,the conditions are sloppy to those, fun to us...

I have been doing my surfing waves and going from heel side to toe side, jybing like its no problesms, and taking a spill here and there...maybe I a fool, but I think I would be hit by a car or something else if I was doing anything I take my chance at kiting, its been less then 4 months..Nov 3 to be exact..but I did my research and took my chances, find it no different then surfing or heavy bike riding, so I do brag..hopefully not coming back later with my tail between my legs that I f#*k up and I fractured...I need to live..can't wait for that longer time..I had a titanium tooth, it took long, I understood the bone growth...I looked at what the doctors say..why can Pro athletes go back quicker? Its because its their focus...and money..but for me, its the happiness, its what I live for.

I just want those who are coming along, or thinking about it and are of the young at mind and heart, doing it for more then your normal everyday thing...that when they say 6 months, I cringed, thinking it was going to be..but after 3 months..I knew I was ready..yeah, the doctor said to take it easy...but smart kiters are on water, smarter kiters understand hip resurfacers have to be really smart.

March 14, 2009

I have been posting my success in returning to kite surfing after only 3 months post surgery. I have now been kiting for around one months time, usually 3-4 times a week. The days usually involves driving to the spots, a half hours drive give or take a few minutes, a wind check which includes a walk on the beach with my 2 dogs for around 15 minutes, enough time for them to get some of their stuff out of them in more ways then one. Then when its my turn, its usually in the water for around 1 and a half hours or more and then taking a break for around 30 minutes then going back out if its still good or if I have the time. I face wave chops and I use my legs/knees as shock absorbers to that, my hip also takes some of it, but I don't notice. I use a directional board so I jybe(switch my feet/stance) and then head back toward the shore, usually a smoother ride and then with chance to catch waves. I can turn my hip freely, and have no problems at all at this. I have taken some spills, again with no problems. I have even taken some ramp waves at high rates of speed and landed with no worries to that. So far my biggest airs since surgery has been just under 10' of air, a far cry from my higher 25" pre surgery jumps. I feel comfortable to try for bigger airs but my goal is actually to SURF the wave and with the kite in nuetral. I have also been slashing the lips of the waves and trying to do that while changing my direction that I am heading which my ankles have found to be not too fun if landing is wrong, or to pull off floaters(when a wave breaks and you ride the lip as it pitches out and continue in the same directions) which are alot safer and easier to pull off but yet can have its consequences. So far the worst things to happen to me and all my fault are some tea bags(imagine God making tea with me as the tea and my kite the paper tab holdy thing and my lines connecting between) and then there were some ramps bumps at speed where one of my feet coming out of the straps and a board landing with only one foot, usually board not going the way I want it to, not pretty, but hurt in the hip from that. And then a bad landing of my kite coming in and I got a sand tea bag and a shoulder stretch, sand tasted good too on that one, but once again, hip did fine. And the hard crashes on my shedding the lips landings, those really do hurt the ankles when not done right. But all in all, the hip is really not even a thought of I am going to hurt it, its the rest of the body that is taking its share. (keep in mind that I have had some of the most impressive days with no wipeouts and all perfect, conditions all time, out of this world days) I usually stay at the beach for hours on end hanging with the friends and my dogs, walking in the sand and no limping, no pain, no later pain, no problems. I am glad to say my stamina is back to normal and my taking of chances are unrestricted to me. I am due to see my doctor first week of April for my check up, and am looking forward to seeing what my xrays will look like. I once again will mention, my only strange feeling that I have since surgery is the scar and its little tingle or numbness here and there, I don't ice and I don't take pain pills-well not for the hip but did when one day my ankle was sore and I had to work that night. I am writing this so as to encourage those that you can use it, and even abuse it, its in there pretty good. Have fun doing what you love to do, as for me, if its windy..I am on it!

April 8, 2009

Happy to say that I went to my Dr today for my check up and after the xrays came back looking really good and the Doctors check up went even better. All Good, or shall I say, all great. The xrays shows the new bone growth on the femor and how the muscles are adapting to the metal in me. My doctor showed off my xrays to some of the other doctors and mentioned to them my time frame and so forth, then gave a comment that I should be the poster canidate for the resurface..perfect healing!

I have been pushing my kitesurfing hard, been walking my dogs alot too, with some of it being a light jog. I need to stretch more for my own personal thing, but that has been my weakness always. I have very little start up pain now, its only in my head before I put my feet to the floor, then its a normal walk. When my friends say I have a straight walk I get stoked. I only limp when the rest of my body feels the acks and pains of my activities. Every now and then my scar still gives me memories that I had surgery how long ago?? (doctors all said it looks good, but after a long day I feel something there on the scar, but its not bad, just something.) Sometimes I feel it when I sleep on that side too long too, but that one has a pain level of .00005 or something, so no problems. My range of motion is really good, when I put on my socks and shoes at work, its easy..I just sit on a milk crate and do it, its not as limber as my other side, but its easier then pre surgery. The only thing I look forward to doing when I get the craving is to surf..the popping up was my trouble a few months back, but I haven't cared to really surf since I kite surf. The wind has been great and I have been slaying waves as in floaters and off the lips as my main thing, some jumps, and then some 360's, tacking out through the surf is probably the hardest thing for my hip, but that is no problem, I just think of myself as a shock absorber and flex what needs to flex.

Can't think of anything else to really write at this time, simply feel like I am 98.99% healed. My doctor who trained under Mcminn did remind me that Mcminn is conservative, and that I should wait at least 10 months to do impact sports, so again he said to take it easy, but then he said xrays do look really good, or perfect as better I am happy(happy too not to have my tail between my legs for going hard at 3 months-2 months ago-and am I happy that I got to enjoy perfect conditions for this year starting off to be FanTastIC!!)

August 7, 2009

I have been pressing it way too hard kite surfing every day for the last 3 weeks. I gave a slight strain to my groin area( inside my crotch to my thigh) by surfing with the powered up kite and hitting it hard off the lip and going for air and more. To make it worst, yesterday while enjoying my session in perfect conditions, my kite had a mind of its own and went its relaunch, it took me for a tea bag that launched me high and far..and stretched out my groin worst..(thought I dislocated my hip for that I just relaxed and got back to shore asap..) Now I have what feels like a strained or stretched out groin muscle. I know the best thing for right now is rest..then strength pt to make it stronger..I am hoping for a quick recovery..hurricane coming and epic waves are due in a few days..along with some strong winds. Wondering if anyone did like a splits move that made you feel stretched..and how long did it take to recover? (I don't seem to know how to slow down, and am hoping in a few days I will be good enough to get some thrill rides again..even in my pain, I find it less painful to ride then sit.) I know I was lucky to be able to go kiting so soon after my surgery, I know I should rest..and I will for at least the next 2 days..making it a 3 day sit out..but if the waves call me from this hurricane coming...I think I can muster up a few waves just because you don't get super huge large excellent all the time..and then I can rest after its subsides....yeah right!

August 17, 2009

Just a post to let hipsters know what to expect when fishing...

Boats bounce in every direction and your body needs to be ready for it.
Once offshore its not land if you don't like it you better pray for a captain that is willing to listen to your needs.(and if your hurting it might be a need not a in i want to go in for its uncomfortable.)
One hand for yourself and one on the boat. Waves come when least expected. So always have a hold on something steady..or lock your body into a nice nook.
If its gets too ruff..know when to say when.

That info is for those who dare to take on the ocean if not ready, maybe your muscles are sore or not developed back to strength yet, or you feel the bouncing on the boat is like impact sports or jogging..lots of up and down in the waves and banging on the boat that goes straight to your hips if your not ready beware.

Now for the beautiful side of boating/fishing. Remember its not called catching so be patient.. we were out for a 12 hour day on the ocean..and I was not caring to come in for we were fishing!
The waves were typical Hawaii lighter then normal ocean, but not a lake.. 4'-6' seas in a 8 second pattern, so imagine going in a boat at 8 knots typical-10-12knots on the semi higher speeds and then some more when needed. Bumpy at best describes it, but yet calm to me, and mother ocean being nice.
After chasing birds at high speeds and getting some lucky strikes, some small tuna get took the lures..slower speeds while working the fish, making for different adjustments for your body, lots of holding on to the railing or a kneel down or something to stabilize yourself.....
After catching something to get the blood on the boat and to take the pressure off, the big strike came!!!! No time to think about anything but just get to work and get the fish closer to the boat inch by inch, yard by yard. Taking a downwind run and throwing the boat to neutral made for calm enough seas to work the fish with knees locked into the railing or anything else to make it stable..then...
color! We got the leader in hand and then gaffed the fish..pulled it in and shouted out in excitement and joy to our catch.

To finish of the day, we did a 430am run to 5pm and came in with 4-20 pound+ tuna and 1 mahi mahi at 25pound and yes one big one..a 150 pound ahi(tuna over 100 pounds) so not a bad days fishing.

Body all sore, I was deck hand and co captain to my brothers boat.(I had owned the sister ship same same as this one)


November 3, 2009

It has been one year now for my new hip. I don't mean to brag but..if you have been reading these posts you might see that insider, lol...but yeah its been a great year for me. I am so happy with my hip and I am putting it to the test, had put it to the test early after surgery and maybe even too early but my body and hip did extremely well in its recovery.

I am the type of guy who is always amazed at professional athletic people who get the best care because of the most moneys makes for the best recovery, and I always felt that I should be able to be at that same level body wise and all. It was that that drove me to my desire to heal at the fastest pace that my body could handle. I don't recommend that anyone would push themselves so hard that they ruin the work that the doctor did on their hips, I could of messed up my recovery by pushing the envelop on my recovery, but all in all it all went great for me.

I look back my year and am so amazed on what I accomplished in my year. I look at my house and how I started to paint the outside of the house at the 5th week mark and for 2 months at 3-5 hours a day did a full coverage paint job by hand by myself, it took lots of squatting and other things. I also am amazed on my own style of PT that I worked into my program while at the beach or anywhere else when I would do my PT. Swimming was involved in my PT along with stretching at the beach and for strength I was using the bands and using ankle weights and pushing myself 6 day a week 2-3 times a day.

I am also amazed that I did get back into the kite surfing scene at 3 months. By the 4th and 5th month I was kiting better then I had prior to surgery, riding as if I never had a problem. My only suffering was a stretched muscle in my groin from a wipe out that would of taken out any muscle anyways..and that was only a 3 day injury for consistent epic surf kept coming and I wanted it.

I had visited my doctor a few weeks back for my year check up and He said see you next year! He did say I am all good and that it will take some kind of major injury to do damage to my hip(something that would damage a normal hip), for its all good and strong, so don't worry, and then he reminded me that I am his poster child for hip resurfacing.

Besides kite surfing I have been using a longboard and surfing some nice waves lately. I also keep doing my swimming and snorkeling a few times a month so to me..all good. I hope this story encourages those who are resurfacing, and again..its not a race..but for me I do know my body..and this is me..I wanted to heal fast.

December 21, 2009

I am 1 year plus a month and a half out from my surgery. I have been surfing when the waves are good and when the winds take a back seat. I have been using my longer boards, a 9'6" log that makes it super easy to get up and into waves, also a 9'0 high performance log that is easy too. This month I bust out my 7' twinfin fish and a 8' big wave board this month and chased down some sizable surf. The waves were really good and my popping to my feet does not really take much in thought..and my feet seem to get to their position pretty good. I still am slightly not in surfer shape(paddling arms) since most all the time I seem to kite surf, but I am proud to say that I am surfing and not taking any wipeouts as of yet on my dropping in. The waves have ranged from waist to head high to some double over head for me. I have to be picky on my spots though, only perfect conditions seem to excite me these days. This month the Eddie went and there were days where 30-40' waves were here with some 50' also showing up too. The wrap from this big surf gave most all spot waves in some sort of way.


August 11, 2010

Went to my doctor yesterday, made the appointment 2 months ago and was seriously monitoring my progress. The best way to describe these last 2 months would be a check mark for as when I made the appointment I was still going downhill on my groin and its weakness and the pain I was experiencing(weakness would cause me to kick the carpet at work and the pain would shoot right to my groin area, real hard time putting on my shorts/pants and hard to wash my feet and toes for I really wanted to lift my knee up as high as I could to wash).

I then saw a turn around, it came from massage therapy around the 4th of July time and it then turned to lymph draining style massages for I had a swollen lymph gland for the last 6 months(felt like an almond and now its down to a pea). Its been three weeks and I am forgetting that I was in pain only a few months ago. I saw my doctor yesterday and x-rays show the implant all good and the doctor is amazed at my personal findings of this lymph draining experience. I will give an update in the next few months to my doctor and you all, but right now its looking up for me.

September 24, 2011

I am not 100% certain that I am reading this one right and am guessing that the pain mentioned is the one I was experiencing.

I had a groin pain after surgery, it was 2 years after surgery, but my cure was pretty simple and fast. I learned the technique of lymph node massage to drain the node. The node that is in the groin area should be about the size of a pea, for me mine was about the size of an almond. To drain the node, putting pressure on the groin and node and imaging sweeping it down to the toes. (very helpful to have spouse do this massage a few minutes a day, even a couple of times a day) It doesn't take long for the node to return to its normal size, a few days...and the pain level gets to a forgotten state.

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Peter Austin - Hip Resurfacing with Mr. McMinn 2016
23 May 2017 23:53

Published on May 15, 2017 Peter was a familiar face at The McMinn Centre when he came for consultation on his troublesome right hip last year. At the start of his media career, Peter worked for Mr Mc [ ... ]

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Anthony Mundine - BHR 1Year Post Op with Mr. McMinn
23 May 2017 23:52

Published on May 23, 2017 Australian boxer comes back to the UK for his one year follow up consultation with Mr McMinn and gives us a quick update on his progress. Unsurprisingly, it hasn't been a qu [ ... ]

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Pauline Mower - BHR & Custom Polyethylene Resurfacing by Mr. McMinn 2017
23 May 2017 23:49

Published on May 23, 2017 Retired School Teacher Pauline Mower had a right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) under the care of Mr McMinn back in 2004. She returned in late 2016 when her left hip pres [ ... ]

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Glenn's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Pritchett 2017
02 May 2017 11:24

April 29, 2017 I have had a bad left hip for almost four years now. I went in for knee pain, and low and behold, I was told it was my hip causing the knee pain. I used to play lacrosse and basketball [ ... ]

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Jim Jenkins Hip Resurfacing with Mr. McMinn 2010
27 Apr 2017 12:38

Update 2017   Published on Apr 27, 2017 Familiar face Jim Jenkinson, star of the McMinn Centre Recovery Video series, has come back to see Mr McMinn to have his other hip resurfaced. Jim had a ri [ ... ]

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Wayne Morris Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Rogerson 2016
18 Apr 2017 13:40Wayne Morris Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Rogerson 2016

Just wanted to update the progress of my resurfaced hip done on August 18th. Three days ago I finished a 3000km bike ride from the very top of New Zealand to the very bottom and for the entire ride  [ ... ]

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Jamie's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Brooks 2017
18 Mar 2017 14:57

March 13, 2017 To start off I am a 41 year very active male.  I was always active in sports growing up and played college and semi pro football.  I would workout 5-6 days a week, basketball twice a [ ... ]

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Rob's Bilateral HR with Mr. McMinn 2000 - 2015
18 Mar 2017 14:53

August 27, 2013 I had my left hip BHR resurfaced on 20th Nov 2000 by Mr D Mcminn and was working again , landscaping and race driving 3 months later. It's brilliant and has kept my right hip going mu [ ... ]

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Goran H's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. De Smet 2017
16 Mar 2017 12:53Goran H's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. De Smet 2017

Just want to thank everyone involved in my Hip replacement at Anca Medical center. I had high expectations of fast recovery but this is incredible. To try walking with crutches the day after the opera [ ... ]

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Andriko Hip Resurfacing with Dr. De Smet 2017
01 Mar 2017 23:51

  I am in Ghent recovering from a HR with Dr. De Smet.  I decided to go with him after I read his article on metalosis and dislocation.  Bart (surg tech) mentioned he is the top authority on metal [ ... ]

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Anthony Cornicelli's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Brooks 2007
23 Feb 2017 13:29

February 22, 2017   I underwent the BHR hip resurfacing procedure in January, 2007 at the age of 53.  I remember being a bit apprehensive at first.  I realized though that I had arrived at th [ ... ]

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Bruce Russell's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Rogerson 2016
19 Feb 2017 12:33Bruce Russell's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Rogerson 2016

February 16, 2017 "I am now 3 1/2 months post op from my BHR hip procedure and I can tell you I am very happy with the outcome. I have no pain, no feelings of instability, good range of motion and I  [ ... ]

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Mari's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2009
30 Jan 2017 15:27

February 28, 2009 I am recovering nicely at age 62.  I have no pain, but swelling has been a problem for me.  Even after icing a lot I still have trouble with the calf of my leg being quite uncomfo [ ... ]

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Shelton's Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2016
05 Jan 2017 19:03

January 3, 2017 My hip pain was a creeper that did not put me totally out of commission until about a year ago. Slowly started quiting all sorts of sporting activities i used to enjoy. No more tennis [ ... ]

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