Phil Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Cook April 17, 2013

BHR patient Phil and Molly

I am a 60 year year old male. I finally had my resurfacing (BHR) done by Dr. Cook 04/17/13 and doing great!

Dr. Scott Cook was outstanding. I was standing later in the day after the surgery, and moving around the next day comfortably with a walker. The pre-operation hip pain is all gone.

What a difference! The only pain I have now is just a little from the incision and some muscle soreness, which is nothing compared to pain I was having before the BHR. Thanks, Phil

June 27, 2013

I'm at 10 weeks post-op and doing fantastic! Walking 2 to 3 miles every other day without a limp and bicycling about 6 miles on the off days along with some swimming and core exercises my Physical Therapist (PT) taught me. BTW, for what it's worth, my PT has worked with both hip resurfacing and hip replacement patients and commented about the experience of less restrictions, and better range of motion when conducting physical therapy with resurfacing patients vs. THR. X-ray at 6 weeks (see attached) disclosed no issues.

I truly have my life back and I should have done this early. As sort of funny side story, I told my surgeon that the final decision to proceed with the BHR came when I was getting off a plane from NY to Kansas City early in this year and the ramp attendant asked me " are you passenger who needed the wheelchair?". Must have been limping pretty bad that day to get that question!

March 2014 Update

I'm closing in on one year post-op and doing better than ever!!!   Not only can I walk Molly until she's worn out (see attached pic after a 5 mile walk), I am also running short distances again for cardio.  Based on my results, a loud shout-out for Dr. Scott Cook of the Kansas City area who is a fantastic skilled surgeon.

 BHR size is 50/56


Before the BHR. Bone on bone with spurs.

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