Ibbsk's Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Konthe 2011

January 26, 2012

I had a  RBHR Dec 13, 2011 at Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Konthe.

I was told 50% weight on operated leg for 4 Weeks. For the blood clots I do the self injection blood thinner .

January 13, 2012

I just finished riding 20min a lil elliptical walked treadmill 5 min and fill great! I even noticed on the bike my leg doesn't flare out anymore!

January 19, 2012

I'm 5 weeks post op with one crutch and ystr experimented walking with no crutch, it felt funny but I walked around the house for 10min surprised. Well today at the gym a friend who had the same surgery said put the crutch down until its really needed ie (long walks, mall...etc) I did .....and whoa as me! I began to walk a little faster on the treadmill without support and left the crutch on the wall for entire time at gym!

Tonight I am kinda sore but feel enthused because I didn't break anything today!

January 25, 2012

Reached the 6 week post op point and I ditched the crutches 5days ago and seem to be progressing well. I am very sore and stiff when sitting for a while and then getting up and incision has pain from time to time. Ive been doing the stationary bike now for almost 2weeks and leg has been getting stronger with leg lifts. Also heading back for the Left hip to be done Mar 1st.

February 24, 2012

 In 6 days I will be getting my left hip fixed with a BHR, right hip was done 12/13/11 and is feeling real good. Right hip over the last 2 yrs before surgery was killing me, I lost a lot of ROM in it. The left hip is as sore or more than the right one was but i still have good ROM in it...go figure. During first surgery was in the hospital 6 days because of my blood pressure dropping every time I stood up. I think it was the Oxycodone which i will not be using this time!

March 2, 2012

Surgery went well! I feel a lot better this go around, my appetite is here and the swelling in my leg isn't as bad as the last surgery

March 3, 2012

As good as felt after surgery 2 days later its the dumps again! First night I was given morphine and Tylenol the pain level was high but being off of oxycodone was a must this time because on my last bhr every time I got up for pt my blood pressure plummeted..well Friday morning I was up walking around with no problems Friday night due to the pain I was switched back to oxycodone. Today bad symptoms came back...low blood pressure high heart rate...Etc...I'm so confused.

March 6, 2012

Thought I was leaving today but during my gym time walking up n down steps blood pressure dropped seriously low in gym had to be hurried to mat and given smelling salts and was very worried for a while because when I started getting nauseated my pressure was 95/52 when they checked....frustrated....after lying on mat 15min felt back to normal.
Back at room docs told me they're going to cut narcotics...going to try just tramadol. .Been here 6 days.

March 8, 2012

 Its been 7 days since my surgery a and doctors here at the Cleveland clinic still don't know weekly my blood pressure won't stabilize while standing...thought I was on my way home yesterday but they wanted to see how I would respond to vicodon which was re-added for pain for my trip home...after taking again yesterday I did do sum walking and sat in chair for a lil bit....this morning on preparing to go home I was in bathroom when the light headness started..I got to bed with help from nurse, other nurses came to take m my NO while sitting 140 80 then sitting up 120 65 then standing 95 54 also heart rate was at 155...frustrated here don't know when i'm going home.
They've started an IV on me thinking I may be low on fluids....going crazy

April 3, 2012

Im 5 weeks post op from left BHR (right hip 3mos post op) went to the driving range today to hit a few short shots with my lob wedge and lo n behold no pain and I was hitting crisp shots...graduated to my pitching wedge and was hitting it like mid season form high n long (140y) moved to 7iron and was easily hitting it 170y......No pain in either hip and swing felt strong.............I wanna do 9 holes.

October 23, 2012

2 years ago at 44yrs old I came here to this website because I had realized that my hips were going bad and I needed info on which way to go. Thanks to all the knowledge I have gotten from all the hippys here I realized the BHR was for me on Dec 13, I got my right hip done and 3 months later (mar 1) my left hip was done at the Cleve clinic. Today I'm glad to say my life is full again! Started playing basketball again and able to take long walks with my wife now and walking up and down stairs doesn't scare me anymore!

Thanks to everyone here for your support and keep up the good work for future hippys 


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