June's Hip Resurfacing Dr. Engh 2010

I had a left BHR on November 11, 2010 with Dr. Andy Engh. I was 48 (almost 49) years old at the time. I am a small boned female and I was bone on bone arthritis with AVN and several cysts, including one large one.

I just had my one year post-op appointment with my surgeon. The x-rays (taken from several different angles) looked fantastic! Everything looks good...I go back in a year and then if things still look good, I go back in 5 years. He wrote a prescription for a metallosis test to get baseline numbers but just to serve as a baseline for the future...no problems that he could see.

I have had no pain (except for the post-op surgical pain) since the surgery and no limp. My ROM has come back and I feel better than I have in years. Running feels fantastic! I am a triathlete and he cleared me to go back to racing the long distance races I love!

I turn 50 on November 25th and I have to say it will be the best birthday I have had in 3 or 4 years because I feel so great! I truly feel like I was given my life back. Those who have been through this surgery know what I am talking about. I think people can see it in my face...no more pain!! I think I am just a happier person these days and a much better Mom to my two boys and wife to my husband.

Just had to share my success story. Can't wait to get back racing....I think it will be like when I first started...very fun!!

Dec. 9, 2010

I am 4 weeks post-op today from a LBHR. Although I have had no joint pain since the surgery, my night pain in my leg sounds a lot like yours. My operated leg is still bruised down the back (some of it I think is due to the fact that my surgeon requires coumadin in order to avoid blood clots) and still has some swelling, although each day is less and less. But I am a small person and really notice it! Days are great! I have never had a problem during the day when I am up and moving, etc. and I have tried to be as active as possible. My surgeon's protocol required 50% weightbearing with crutches for the first 3 weeks and then weight bearing with one crutch started a week ao. I've been walking with the crutches since the day after surgery. It sounds like some people though are allowed a lot more activity.

At night, I wake up and am very uncomfortable. It is the pressure on the bruising and swelling and being in one position. I was allowed to go on my side but with the leg feeling so heavy and swollen, that too is uncomfortable. I change pillows, positions, etc. so many times at night but still can't get comfortable for long. So I know what you mean.

I think everyone is different. I was in excellent shape prior to the surgery. I am a triathlete and fitness instructor. My surgeon did tell me that my muscle tissue was dense and my bone was strong. I am not sure how that correlates to the swelling, etc. but I do know they put your leg through a lot during the surgery.

I had my 4 week post-op appt today after a LBHR on 11/10. Things looks great! What a difference in the x-rays pre-op (end stage arthritis caused by AVN from a bike crash) compared to my new hip! I was cleared to walk without any crutches now. My surgeon is very conserative and limited me to 50% weight bearing with 2 crutches for the first 3 weeks and then one crutch, no weight bearing limitations. I am an athlete so it has taken a lot of resolve to listen to my doctor's orders. But I have and will continue to be conservative because I am a small female and therefore there is more of a risk of a femur neck fracture. Luckily my bone is strong! I look forward to getting back to racing (I am a triathlete) eventually, but I figure I have the rest of my life to do that...so now the real rehab begins! I am truly excited to get back in the pool swimming and back on the bike (but I will stay indoors until spring). The last four weeks, I have been walking with crutches working up to 2-3 miles a day, but it has felt like nothing compared to my former self! I will find out at my 4 month appt when I can run again.

I can't say my recovery has been easy though. Days are great, but nights have been hell due to the bruising and swelling in my operated leg. Apparently a few people (and I was one of those unlucky ones) get bleeding through the tissues which causes the bruising. It is very painful! It mainly bothered me at night so my husband could hear me crutching the house until I felt better! Laying down for long periods and sitting was very uncomfortable and has just gotten better the last week. It isn't completely gone, but now that the doppler showed no blood clots I am cleared to stop the coumadin (another protocol of my surgeon) which I think will help matters. Now that I have no degree restrictions and i can do more, I think things will progress very well.

I would highly recommend my surgeon, Dr. Andy Engh, of Anderson Orthopedics in Virginia. The website only shows him as having done 100 resurfacings but I think his number is near 1000. First class all the way from the first visit, through the surgery, etc.  jun

Dec. 28. 2010

I will be 7 weeks post op LBHR on Thursday. I am 49 years old (was 48 on surgery day). I was just prescribed Calcium Plus Vitamin D supplements last March. I think they have come to realize the importance of it...I too had never been told to take calcium and being an athlete I figured my bones are strong (which luckily I found out they were after surgery). I was able to continue those up to surgery and am still taking them and was told nothing negative about them. At the time they prescribed it at my annual checkup, I too was very surprised. It is very important to get it with the Vitamin D so have your physician write a prescription. Luckily we are military and it is covered.

I was anemic after surgery as well. I had donated a pint of blood a few weeks prior to surgery which they gave back to me after surgery, but was still anemic. I had taken Iron, but I don't think it was the best kind. After surgery they would have done a second transfusion but I was up and walking around. They told me to take Vitron C, which is Iron with Vitamin C. Best way it is absorbed. I took that for 4 weeks and never felt the overwhelming tiredness I have read about post surgery. My husband picked it up at the grocery store or drugstore for me. With that said, if you take it, get some Colace!!!!

Jan 12, 2011

I was allowed to go off of crutches at 4 weeks (by then it was one crutch). I too felt wobbly at first, but by the next day it got better and within 2 days I was walking normal with no limp, first time in a few years! The wobbly feeling goes away the more you walk. I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer so I did not go back to work until after week 7. I have been back teaching now almost 2 weeks (will be at 9 weeks tomorrow) and feel that each day I get stronger. Your PT will give you great exercises to help with the muscles that were affected by surgery and in some cases, pre-surgery, if you were unable to do some activities.

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