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 I'm 43 year old male and I'm from Perth in Australia . About two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left hip . Over the last two years I have had many injections spend thousands dollars on medication . Spent thousand dollars on pyhsio but could never feel right it started to interfere with my work and my life . One thing I know about arthritis of the hip you can never get rid of the nagging pain .

Anyway over a year ago I started to do my research and I came across hip resurfacing, but never heard of it . I always thought hip replacement was the only way to rid of this disease , any way I started to talk with Vicky a little regarding hip resurfacing and she ask me to send her my X-rays so I did . With in a few days I heard back from a few doctors who looked at my X-rays and they all said I was a perfected candidate . So in knowing that, I emailed overseas medical and a guy Mark got me a price for going to India to have my surgery with doctor boss .

Anyway I started to research  all the devices see what's the best and also started to look at home - Perth Western Australia. I was surprised as not many doctors did hip resurfacing In Australia . Most of them were in Sydney and Brisbane, 2000 miles from me .

Any how I started to look around Perth and came across a doctor here the name Professor Piers Yates . I started to read his profile and I notice he learnt from the best resurfacing doctors in the world . I also notice he had only done 300 plus .its not many but I see all theses doctors doing 1000 - 3000, but they had to start from zero . So any way I made appointment with him .

Wow, he was great being very nice and professional . He explained he only does certain candidates with special criteria . After looking at my X-rays he sat down next to me with resurfacing devices and said David you fit my criteria . Wow all that weight gone off my shoulders . I'd found a surgeon who I trusted and believed in.

After searching for a year or so with the many appointments with other doctors who said sorry we only do full hip replacements . I'd found my doctor . So we sat and signed my surgery date and I left feeling so happy and relieved .

So today is six days after surgery and wow I'm feeling a million bucks . No nagging pain all gone . I'm on crutches walking around two hours after surgery and every day is getting better . Now I've been told six weeks on crutches then open road to full recovery . I can't wait to see my doctor again just to say Thanks . What a great surgeon Professor Piers Yates is.   21/5/2013 adept device.


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