Mark's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Young 2010

July 26, 2010

I had my resurfacing on July 12. I know it's still early, but the procedure went better than I could have imagined. No real pain to speak of - I guess credit to Dr. Young's careful technique and the superb anesthetic team, who followed up with me post surgery for pain management. (I had a spinal)

The nursing, therapy and support staff at the Scarborough Grace Hospital were wonderful. I was bearing weight and walking well with crutches (for balance and support) on July 15. I was out of hospital on July 16.

I revisited the surgeon on July 22 to have my staples removed. Dr. Young was a bit concerned about the swelling and I had a Doppler ultrasound to rule out any deep vein thrombosis (clots). I was on injectable "Fragmin" from the day after surgery for 10 days. The injections are easy.

As of today, July 26, I'm still using the crutches, but mostly for balance and confidence. I was walking with my knee locked for many months before my surgery to protect myself from pain, and it's taking a while to get my proper gait back. My leg is still swollen, and I'm using ice a couple of times a day.

The day I left the hospital, I was in less pain than when I went in. I know it's still early in the healing process, but so far, so good.


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