Mark M's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Maymann 2013

June 8, 2013

Im 42, 6', 185 lbs and I'm lying in the hospital bed 24 hours after my left BHR (Mayman, HSS in NY)... The soreness and pain have gone away for the most part, only putting direct pressure to get up or move do I feel discomfort. 3 times today I walked around the hospital with my physical therapist, each time got better. The first time I got up and put pressure on my hip I thought I was overdoing it but it's a matter of trust... After about my first 20-25 ginger steps I felt the hip being able take my full weight.

The recovery is happening faster than I can report this. I'm amazed! As I walked today I noticed how free my hip moved, I'm only restricted by soreness otherwise I have a normal stride and my gait is free and natural. I can feel the range of motion and I can't even use it yet!!!

Can't believe I waited so long to do this... I hope this helps the next person, who may be on the fence about doing this, move forward confidently... It's a true game changer!

More to come.

Mark M, NYC

PS it was this site and all the info and support I got that convinced me to do it... Best thing that ever happened to my regarding my health and physical state.

June 12, 2013

5 days post OP and feeling amazing! Spoke to a few PT's that think the fixed stance of a snowboard may actually be safer than skiing). Explained my level and they say stay away from direct impact/ hard landings (obviously), so need to check those pow landings prior to take off?  Sometimes not possible. Will try to stick to big dump days and Heli only (what a life). Can't wait for Chamonix for my recovery celebration in 2014! Super psyhed my snow culture brothers and sisters! Photos coming next season.

Most major pains have become little pains, can move with confidence, lift my leg, walk to the store, get around pretty well. Felt some stiffness and groin pulling but started stretching which dramatically improved that, (my pain and flexibility were pretty bad prior to the procedure). Ice packs are my new best friends and applying them all over the hip area and especially to the wound also helps with pain and overall comfort.

Home PT and Nurse discharged me at day 3 but they also explained I'm recovering faster than normal, so adjust accordingly. I think my biggest hurdle now is the swelling, which isn't bad but prevents me from going full throttle with PT and stretching. Laying or sitting for long periods can be a pain maker so I try to move around every 30-45 minutes.

Haven't slept through an entire night yet but getting closer. Probably stop the pain killers by day 7. Starting outpatient PT on day 7 . lets see if I need the meds after that?

June 28, 2013

3 weeks today and it's all going great. All your advice is right on spot, I've kept the turtle pace for sure and I'm always thinking about the long, big picture. Keeping in the Dr's plan has been key.

I just about stopped the pain meds at 2 weeks. I felt the soreness and wound but it wasn't bad (1-10... pain was 2) and I knew I was close to not needing them.

I feel some "skidding" or "catching" in the new hip but it's not painful and I know that it's settling. I'm pain free and can really see the increased range of motion during PT. Easy stretching (within the program), during the last 3 weeks has really helped relieve stiffness and pain and has helped the leg and hip re-bond.

I'm super stoked on the progression, hope the other newbies are too!

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