Curt's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Anseth 2012

November 4, 2012

about 5-6 years ago I fell on my hip playing volleyball. My hip started hurting about a year later, after several X-rays, MRIs, other tests it was diagnosed as arthritis. Didn't do anything for a couple of years. It started bothering me after I had a hard shift at work, played sports with my kids etc. Was given the name of one Doctor that said my hip was to damaged for him to do anything but referred me for a cortisone shot. It worked about one week. Had switched jobs so started over on insurance deductible so waited another year to see Dr. Anseth. He said he recommended another cortisone shot. That was June last year that lasted maybe two weeks. Got another shot last November, again lasted 1-2 weeks. This spring he said that after going through the shots & still having pain he could get the insurance  approval & recommended resurfacing. Scheduled surgery for this past July.

Surgery went good and he said it was definitely bone on bone no cartilage left. The first night after surgery my thigh muscles hurt like heck had a hard time getting pain under control, finally did had one round of group therapy first day after surgery after a session with therapists in my room. That night went better, had to rounds of group therapy second day & was discharged after. Recovery has gone good as I said when I did to much my leg let me know, hip always has felt great. Went back to work after ten weeks working up to full time.

I'm from MN. I had my Left Hip resurfaced with a BHR by Dr.  Scott Anseth at Abbott Northwestern Hospital on July 20th. I've been lurking on this site since not sure what I would post if it would even be worth it for others to read. Thanks Pat for this great site, it has been very helpful in my recovery helping me realize that patience is the best tool on a persons path to recovery. My hip feels good still have muscle soreness when I have a long day at work as a Boiler operator at a local Ethanol Plant, working 12 hour shifts. For others that just had or are about to have surgery be patient don't get too down if you don't think your recovery is going as fast as you think it should, you may have some down days where it doesn't feel right along with the many good days. Don't be afraid to call your Dr if you have any concerns.

January 25, 2013

Had my 6 month check up on Jan 23after having LBHR back in July. Dr said the expats looked good just the way they should. He asked if had any pain told him the hip feels great but my thigh was sore yet. He said that it should work itself out as I go along. I try to ride exercise bike or walk on treadmill for a 1/2 or so everyday, told me to keep that up if I could & that should help strengthen the muscles.

Lurk a lot on the site reading all the posts, haven't had any real worries or issues so far. Thanks to all especially Pat for this great site.

July 20, 2013

One year ago today I had my left hip resurfaced by Dr. Scott Anseth at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. Happy to say that everything is good. Still have some muscle soreness but nothing like the pain from OA. Have my year checkup on Tuesday. Thanks to all the Hippie Veterans on here to help a person when we might have some concerns to help us through, it's been a great source of comfort at times to see that what I was going through others have been there & gone through it. I try to walk or bike half hour to forty five minutes a day to keep cholesterol & tryglycerides in line. Have started to doctor with right hip now that has OA too. Was hope to get a few more years from that side but now know there is a solution to the pain.
Thanks again Pat & everyone here.


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