Tim's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. McCalden 2010

April 24, 2010

I did it ;D Finally the roller coaster I have been on hit the top of the tallest hill Mon April 19th. As I peeked over it was scary :o but I knew there was no turning back...I was ready...down we went (no hands  lol). Here is the account of my left hip resurfacing.

Mon morn my wife & I made our way to the Hospital approx 3 hrs early as instructed. You know every other person we pasted had a Tim Horton's coffee in their hands. I am sure of it lol. I am a Tim Horton's junkie...not a snob, cause I am more than happy to have home brew when timmie's is unavailable. No food or drink before surgery. Food, who cares but take my coffee away & we have a problem lol. Nurses poked and prodded getting me ready for surgery. Doc stopped by and marked my leg..left...whew lol. One last decision. Epidural or local? I made it clear to the anaesthesiologist I wished to be out, unaware of EVERYTHING lol. He made a last minute decision to not give me a morphine pump after surgery...ok I agreed. What did I know whether it was needed or not.

Out I went..calm and ready. approx 2 hrs later I awoke immediately asking for???? Yes Tim Horton's lol I was a bit groggy not completely focused. I heard my nurse on the phone with another nurse from the floor where I was to be sent when ready. I heard the words total hip replacement. NOOOOO!  I thought. I asked the nurse if I heard correctly when she got off the phone. She confirmed. Still groggy I just layed there quiet..trying to get used to the fact that I did not receive a resurfacing as hoped. I guess laying quiet with my eyes closed caused me to fall back asleep, cause next thing I knew I was up in my room with my wife looking at me. She could see by my facial expression. .I was not happy. I told her what the nurse said. No no she said I was mistaken. My surgeon had gone out to the waiting room & told my wife everything went great. I had indeed been given a birmingham hip. See what happens when my coffee is taken away .I get delirious.

Approx 18 hrs later I was up taking my first few steps. It was not easy, but I was determined. At approx 24 hrs from surgery they moved me to a new room. Like a switch being flipped everything changed. The hard part was over. I can't explain it. Up until the room switch it was a bit rough. I first was in a room with three other people (all women) . I did not feel terrible but others struggled thus lol. My new room omg You would have thought I got a free upgrade to the penthouse I was happy. I was now in a room with one other person (man ). My bed was by the window, Sun shining in wow did I drink it in. Renewed energy surged thru me. Getting out of bed got easier, and walking I had to be reminded to take it slow as not to overdue it.

Each day I did a bit more. I had a slight temp for a couple night's & low bp were minor problems. My major problem was that my last bm was Sunday morn. So focused my efforts daily on moving on lol. No luck .Damm!! Thurs I received what the nurse called her silver Bullet lol a suppository. Soon after, SUCCESS!!! My wife tried to calm me as I celebrated. I learned all my exercises and continued my walks.

Fri morn I was ready to go home. Now at home, I soon found out it was gonna be different. Gone was the hospital bed that I controlled @ the push of a button. So to was my call bell grrr lol. My chair & couch heights need adjusting. I will begin my home pt today...slow and steady.

One last side note. The love of my wife's life...no not me lol. Our bulldog Peyton spent our first night home @ the vet's. We came home and he was sick. My wife was told it may be dehydration or something very serious. I am trying to keep her spirits up. Cross yer fingers.

I will continue to keep everyone up to date, Oh Canada!!!

My surgery was performed in London, Ontario, Canada by Dr McCalden

Tim Ont Canada

May 7, 2010

I am on day 18, and I am getting up less & less. It seems to me it was after the blood thinner injections were finished (day 14 ) that's when It started to slow down. I now am down to 1 shirt change a night lol.

I look forward to the first time I am able to sleep through the night. Sheesh...I can't remember when I last got a full night's sleep....My bad hip would not allow it for a long time pre-surgery.

June 2, 2010

It's been six weeks since my left BHR & I feel GREAT!

I had my six week follow up appointment with my surgeon yesterday. X-rays were perfect & all my restrictions have been lifted. Except One...I must follow common sence lol. It was weird looking at my x-ray & believing that the image of the BHR was actually mine. It is something we all have seen so often (Of others), but to see your own..

I am so thankful for this site & all that it offers....Thanks Pat & all who post here.

Other than a greatly improved quality of life I am most looking forward to simply riding my bike. It has been over two years since I have last rode.

June 29, 2010

I just pasted 10 weeks on my road to recovery & have (on a smaller scale) had frustrating moments....wishing my recovery would speed up. I guess I have been spoiled with how much better I feel since my BHR that I sometimes expect perfection...my bad

March 30, 2012

I had my left resurfaced almost 2 yrs ago & am very happy.

At my 1 yr check up I told my surgeon I still had issues but was assured all was well with my new hip. Now @ 45 it has come full circle. A CT scan reveals I have a slipped disc in my lower back (non medical term).....all my pain is on the left side.

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