Jay's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Crofford 2011

February 26, 2009

The quick is I am a 41 yr old Male, I need a RBHR, I think. My Injury was in Iraq 2003. The fracture was called a 'pulled grion' by Air Force medical folks. My hip really degraded very fast from lack of knowledge, improper healing and I continued to try to do the things I did.

My VA doctors are only wanting to THR but....claiming they do re-surfacing..... but who tell me how many they have done and with who or where they trained.

I am in Oklahoma, with zero doctors listed. the closest guys are in Ft. Worth and have over 600 combined.

VA in other parts of the US do out-source this to the correct specialists.

April 7, 2011

I have read this blog for a long time and on April 8th, I came to ' the other side' .

So far, So good, Off the walker, no hip pain, just crutches for balance. Im 6'4" and still really stiff.

I had a TON of fear with this procedure. Not to mention an UP HILL battle with OKC VA Medical Center that was not interested in whats best for me. There is a lot of twists with my story, but now its DONE, and I'm soo happy.

So, for me, I'm really off of the pain killers, walking a bunch, and trying to get my life back.

I have 2 small boys, 8 and 5, who do it all; basketball, hockey, soccer, golf........ so not being active with them was a killer.

Dr. Crofford @ Texas Hip and Knee, was great. Easy to talk to and that group may be the most experienced group in the South-Central area of the US.

Operation was at The Plaza Medical Center, Ft. Worth. Just an A+++ for how I was treated from start to finish !!

I'm in Oklahoma, and there is really only 1 ortho who does these, but completed less than 50 I think ( Dr. Tupper), maybe more.

I am excited about the future ! Flying, Cycling, Coaching my kids in Hockey and Basketball, playing golf and just not walking like a
gangster ! Pimp Limp as my brother says.LOL

I'm a 44 yr Male, 6'4" , long athletic life, now looking forward to a bright future !

August 13, 2011

I'm 5 months post-op, and I am on a 1 time in the AM Voltaren, and I am pretty happy with the minimal dose.

It helps get me moving in the mornings and during the day. I do not want to do any more than that.

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