Jean Marie's Hip Resurfacing 2011

July 8, 2011

I am an active and busy 37 year old elementary school principal and mother of 5 who had a hip resurfacing on my right hip three weeks ago. Reading posts of people my age and even younger has reassured me that I am not alone. I ran my first (and probably last) marathon last November and that's when the pain in my right hip started. X-rays confirmed I had no cartilage left in the joint (how is that even possible!) and I could take pain pills to deal with it or have surgery. After much research on the internet and hearing personal stories, I decided to go for the surgery.

It has been 23 days since my surgery and I am walking with stiffness, but considerably less pain than pre-surgery. However, I am trying to adjust to the "new normal."

I am very active in my church and community and have had to explain my condition many, many times. I was on crutches after the marathon for 6 weeks when it was originally diagnosed as a femoral head stress fracture and I had 600+ students and staff members who wanted to know what had happened and were surprised when I had to have my joint surgery. I guess it just gets old explaining it to people and I have never known anyone to have hip surgery, much less someone my age. I did have the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery instead of total replacement. I guess it's pretty clear from my post that I am struggling with accepting my new joint. I'm sure with time, it will become more natural.

July 21, 2011

Well, it's been 5 weeks now since my right resurfacing, and I'm feeling much better. Thank you all for your encouraging posts. You brought me out of my pity party, along with reading many other posts on various topics.

I have been working hard in physical therapy getting ready for my 6 week post op appointment. My son started football and I have been able to walk him there every day, even down a steep slope into the football stadium, (and back up again). My son is 9 years old, in case you were wondering why his mommy needs to be there!

I am beginning to feel more like my old self, so I agree that instead of the new normal, maybe this is the start to a better normal, without nagging joing pain. I'm not taking any medicine anymore and only get sore after my PT overworks my muscles, and even then, it's a completely different pain.

This is an amazing resource for anyone contemplating surgery or who has had BHR. I enjoy checking back in with you all and know that we share a bond!

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