Jill W's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Grecula 2007

December 24, 2007

 I had the surgery and opted for the epidural for pain control - which was placed prior to surgery (general anesthesia). Unfortunately the epidural catheter must have slipped somewhat and I did not get maximum pain control coverage (actually I had more numbing on my right side, and the hip resurfacing was on the left). But overall, I had very little pain after surgery, so even though I had the PCA pump as a back-up(morphine), I did not push the button too often.

January 21, 2008

I was resurfaced by Dr. Grecula in Galveston, Texas on 12/17/2007. Dr. Grecula participated in the Conserve+ Clinical trials so I know he has several years of experience with resurfacing. He uses the BHR now, but also has limited access to the Conserve+, which is pending FDA approval. Although I live in Houston, and only a few miles from the medical center, where there are several doctors that are performing resurfacings, I chose Dr. Grecula because I began seeing him before the BHR was approved. I believe he has done more total resurfacings than any of the Houston docs (because of the trials), but I don't know this for sure. A friend of mine was just resurfaced by Dr. Ken Mathis (in Houston) last week and she is very pleased. I think Dr. Stocks has completed the most resurfacings in Houston.

Dr. Grecula is a wonderful doctor. His recovery protocol is very conservative, but he truly wants to make sure his patients do not have any complications.

March 12, 2008

I am just about 3 months post op (had my surgery 12/17/07) and I am finally getting to where I am not tired all the time. I don't work outside the home, but found it tiring enough to do carpool, cook dinner, etc....any time I added anything new, I found that it really tuckered me out. I asked my doctor if I was anemic...he did not re-check my blood but just suggested that I improve my diet. I have also not been able to do cardio exercises (my doctor is real conservative) and I personally think this has contributed to my tiredness/sluggishness.


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