Jim's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Carter 2011

June 28, 2011

The superstar here is Dr Shelby Carter. All the doctors go to Carter. Prepare for a long wait for surgery though. It took me over six months once I got in to see him also a month wait for my first appointment. Just had mine done on May 31. I hardly know it's there now and have range of motion increases every day. Totally pain free the first time in nearly 3 years.

July 22, 2011

3 and a half weeks plus, I fill out the poll and a day later, the clunking/clacking begins. I mostly notice it when I have been standing for long periods and then shift my weight. Should have waited a while longer to fill out the poll.

I will take the clicking and clacking and my new found range of motion and being pain free over the pre op pain any day!

Life with a BHR is wonderful!

October 12, 2011

4 months into my recovery. 62 years young.

The hip pain thing at night has continued but less annoying as time has gone on. Shortly after surgery till about 8 weeks, I could only get relief by getting up and walking a few steps around the bed. The pain would go away with in a few steps and I could lay back down pain free. I could only get relief by applying full weight on the hip. Now at 4 months, I just have to roll over or flex my hip a bit and the pain goes away. Hope in another few months, I will no longer have the pain as it is not every night as it was early on.

On a further note, other than the night pain, I have no pain in the hip no matter how much walking or other exercise (no running) I do. The non BHR (good hip) well, not the same with it. After about 3 miles at a quick pace, it has just about had all it can take. The BHR hip leg is still saying Go, Go, Go! I can hardly wait to have the doc say it is arthritic enough to get a BHR on it. I love my BHR. I cant believe I put it off for 2 years, taking meds and doing physical therapy trying to maintain only marginal flexibility and mobility. Still can't flex my leg high enough to touch my knee with my nose. My doc said I may never get that flexibility back but I plan on proving him wrong.


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