Joe's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Lamont 2011

March 17, 2011

I am scheduled for a BHR at NYU hospital for joint disease on March 25th. My Doctor is Justin Lamont. I am experiencing typical anxiety about the actual operation but am even more anxious about whether I should be doing this at all. I do have days of great pain but do function relatively normally. I can still exercise low impact (1 1/2 hr on elliptical and weightlifting) so I just want to be sure I am making the right decision.

I am relatively young for the operation at 46 and I know this is not something you can't "undo" once done.

The Dr. has done 150+ resurfacing's himself, Birmingham only. The reason , he explained that the number is not higher is that a number of patient's aware of the MoM issues where not willing to take the chance. He trained with Dr. McMinn in Engalnd and is in frequent contact with him. There have been no revisions except for two falls where the femur fractured. More importantly he seems extremely well informed about how the BHR works and understands and explained any and all of the potential complications that could occur. I did not need to ask him about cup angle as he brought it up without my asking. He said " I am very conservative with my cup angles" and stressed how important it is. This Dr. is one of the Senior surgeons at NYU. I walked away feeling good and am going to go for it.

March 26, 2011

Great website made the decision so much easier.

I am at NYU Hospital for joint disease in NYC (where I live). The Dr. Was Justin Lamont one of the top OS here. By all indications everything went smoothly. He was very thorough and good natured, a real pro.

Outside of the obvious initial pain, I feel very well. Got out of bed today and scooted around with a walker. That was tough. Now it's onward and upward! Can't wait to live pain free.

Got my new hip yesterday at7am. Lying in hospital bed now. Mucho Paino but a great feeling of satisfaction.... All is well.

March 28, 2011

It was definitively the most painful experience of my life. Barely made it. I can tell you I did not go far just across the room and into a chair. Hindsight being 20-20' I would probably recommend a day of rest first. The reason I say this is because the next 48 hrs, for me at least, make a world of difference. No one considering this procedure should be under the allusion it is easy. It is a tough operation and you need to be prepared for the pain.
For me, the worst night was Saturday, the pain was constant out of control and it took the hospital a while to figure out the right meds to get it under control. Saturday night I was questioning my sanity of getting this done. Now, no doubts!

Going home tomorrow and ready to recover. Onwards and upwards.

March 29, 2011

My doctor stopped by this morning to check in and again assured me everything I am experiencing is normal and the procedure went extremely well. I guess I could not ask for more.

March 30, 2011

I am 5 days post op and even with the pain and inconvenience for the moment I feel great with my decision. Be prepared mentally to endure whatever comes your way, it all passes quickly and you will be so much better for it.

I'm feeling pretty good today. I was up at 4:45am as I could not stay in bed any longer. The pain is getting less and less every time I wake up in  the morning or from a nap. Just had the visiting nurse come to my home to tell me the same thing I heard in the hospital 100 times. No wonder health care is out of control.

April 20, 2011

I signed on today to give a two week post op report and saw your 3 week, perfect timing. I am at 2 weeks 2 days post op. I have been on a walker for most of the last two weeks and also rented a wheelchair just to lounge around my living room. over the last 4 or so days I started using elbow crutches and went out for a walk around the block yesterday (first time outside in two weeks), it was tough but gratifying. I am regaining a little more strength every day and at certain moments feel like I could start dancing! On the pain side I steel feel a fair amount. I feel it at the incision and I still get muscular discomfort at night. I think that comes mostly from being so still on my back. I am still taking painkillers at night as they just help me sleep and sometimes during the day if I feel I need them. I am staying very consistent with my exercises and I think that is helping alot. I for one had quite a bit of swelling in my thigh for the first 7 days after the operation that swelling then went to my foot and is now finally gone. At his point I am still sleeping on my back and it is driving me nutty. Just last night the inevitable happened; half asleep I forgot I was a surface hippy, and flung myself onto my side, woops! A little painful but not too bad. I am hoping, like you I will be able to sleep in my old favorite positions at 3 weeks.

On the mental side of things I can relate to all of what you say. This is a long tough slog! the key word to my mind is PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!!! (OK 3 words). I really believe the key to this is careful and thoughtful recovery. This is all going to pay off in the end. As far as doing all those things you said you would do while recovering, don't sweat them. I said the same things and I thing the only thing I have really achieved is a record amount of scratching my nuts.
Don't be hard on yourself over this issue. The only thing you need to achieve right now is HEALING. If you accomplish that you have accomplished all you need to during this period of time. Be a friend to yourself and don't worry about it. I can say however my Call of Duty skills have improved greatly

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