John O's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Phillips 2010

May 20. 2010

Recovering from a May 10th 2010 surgery. Going well I guess... more pain than I expected but getting better.

I'm 51 and was injured 10+ years ago that caused the arthritis. I was playing (with major pain) up until about a year ago, but finally had to stop.

I think I'll be going to outpatient PT soon and was wondering if any of you had any special exercises or stretches you did to recover quicker. I'd REALLY like to be ready to play for the fall, but I know it's probably a stretch goal (pun intended).

One of the guys on my team is a PT and told me he'd work with me in the pool. He knows hockey and he says he can work specific areas to get me back, so I'm looking forward to that.

I was talking to my surgeon and he said that all of his many hundreds of patients who had resurfacing/replacements that dislocated (way under 1%) were either extremely obese people who fell by accident, or two that were just way too cautious. His advice is to take normal risks. He didn't recommend running marathons, but normal activities are fine. He's also a former college hockey player and coach, so that always makes me feel better!

June 17, 2010

 I'm weight bearing as tolerated, no restrictions. My dr (Matthew Phillips in Buffalo, NY) recently changed from restrictions to no restrictions. I'm now 5 weeks post op, and feeling great. If I feel pain, I go for a walk (with 1 crutch) and I always feel better, so my personal belief is that weight bearing is awesome.

However, as has been said, go by your own dr's restrictions. I know other doctors in the practice in Buffalo are all different, so you have to assume they have their reasons!

I'm 5 weeks post-op today (6/17/10), feeling great, and am hoping to get back on the ice this season (Sep 2010). I'm a goalie, but would consider playing forward this season if I'm not ready for the rigors of the net.

June 26, 2010

At my 6-week visit, doc said I'm doing great. He said the bones will be fully healed at the 3-month mark, not 6. After that, he says, I'm cleared to do anything, including impact activities. He doesn't recommend running marathons, but says he has several patients who have! I'll wait till after 3 months and give it a shot.

For now, he said I'm ok to bicycle and use my elliptical trainer, which should help a lot. Now to just work up the motivation!

 I went back after 5 weeks, and was working from home after 3. The first week back was exhausting (and those were only 8-9 hour days), so I can't imagine longer ones. It will get better, of course. You don't say what you do - mine is 75% sitting (computer), 25% walking to a meeting. I enjoy the walking part best, but it does get tiring.

September 12, 2010

3 months post op and on the ice, it felt great! Well, up until 45 minutes into the game (playing forward) when I made a turn and then felt a pretty major cramp in my thigh muscle. I stretched it as much as I could on the bench, skipped a few shifts, then tried to play the rest of the game.

I was lucky enough to have my physical therapist on my team, so I felt better. Turns out, the doc said I probably had some scar tissue break free in the thigh from what was cut during surgery, which bleeds into the muscle. It was sore and limited motion for about a week and a half, but then dissipated on its own.

I then went back on the ice pain free and am feeling great. Yes, I'm only about 75% and won't be 100% until a year, but this is still 200% better than I was going into the surgery. No, there no additional danger to the hip itself; it's really just the muscles, tendons and nerves that need the healing and reconditioning to full range of motion.

I played goalie 3 weeks later and felt pretty good. Again, only 75-80% but better than the last time I played!

I should also mention that I play "old man" hockey, so no checking. That would be more concerning, I'm sure.

My PT was helpful in giving me routines for a goalie. He has a "slide pad" where I could practice my side-to-side motions and other exercises. Make sure your PT knows your goals. They can work up a custom training program for you too.

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