As a 6 day old BHR surgery patient, I wanted to write to you with my early satisfaction report.

After spending a good bit of time over the last 2 years discussing, lessoning and reading about hip replacement, I made the decision to proceed with Dr James Zurbach of Premier Orthopedics in Glen Mills, PA. Your website has been quite helpful in my education of the BHR procedure. Dr. Zurbach first introduced me to BHR and with the information I learned on the SurfaceHippy website, I was able to make the decision that this was the right procedure for me (51 years old and still active with skiing, tennis, jogging, hiking and golf). While Dr Zurbach did not have the recommended number of past procedures that you suggest on your site, he does have the endorsement of the highly respected Premier Orthopedic Group and has been name as their BHR specialist. I would like to recommend Dr Zurbach as someone you might consider listing on your website so that other Philadelphia area candidates for hip surgery can more easily find him and discuss BHR as an option.

As for my procedure and my recovery, everything has been going quite well and I feel as if I am doing better than In Home Nurses or PT personnel would have expected. Surgery took place 9/26 in the morning and I was home 9/28 by lunch. And though stiff and week, I have to say my right leg does not respond with any real “pain” , just the stiffness and weakness. Prior to surgery lower back discomfort and irritation in both of my knees is TOTALLY gone! I am confident that with the completion of my rehab that I will be back doing all the things I have avoided doing over the last few summers.

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