Jonner's Hip Resurfacing 2008

November 18, 2008

I am 4 weeks post op on a right re-surfacing (of a bi-lateral) done in the U.K and that it is all going well. Down to one stick, all swelling gone and comfortable. My one question is that I was told to sleep on my back for the first 12 weeks! This I am finding very difficult as I usually sleep on my front and I get quite numb, only sleep for short periods and end up feeling very tired during the day. Does everyone else receive this instruction? or is it because my particular hospital does not do very many re-surfacings, most hip operations being total hip replacements. Is this instruction more relevant to them or are all surface hippies sleeping on their backs?


November 21, 2008

I was told by the Physiotherapy department today that I definitely must sleep on my back for 12 weeks in order to give the muscles a chance to heal properly. As I am pretty much pain free now (4 weeks post op), I am not going to take the risk and disregard their advice. So looks like I will be spending a lot more sleepless time in the wee small hours trawling through all the posts in the surface hippy website!

November 29, 2008

At 5 weeks post op I am sleeping much better as I think my body isn't working so hard to recover (no more sweats etc). But I will still try Melotonin and Chamomile tea -so thanks for that Casey and maybe Ambien or Lunesta if I don't succeed with the gentle approach, so thanks Mike too. How nice to need an alarm to be woken JohnS, pillows sort of work, but with ones under my back, under my legs and between my legs -most of the night I seem to spend just fighting them! I have actually been getting better sleep by sleeping on the sofa with my legs up in the air on one of the arms, it has the added bonus of reducing swelling because your legs are higher than your body.
By the time I have my other hip done, this problem will be completely sorted. Thank you everyone for your input and good luck with your own recoveries.

December 5, 2008

I gave up running some time ago, but miss it enormously. I used to do ultra distance and am now 6 weeks post op and the idea I might be able to run again makes my heart pound.

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