Karen's Hip Resurfacing with Prof. Nivbrant 2010

May 6, 2010

I had BHR on left side in June 08 at age 39. Around 5 months ago, start experience pain and aching. Went back to surgeon - had MRI, plain films, blood test etc. There appears to be no major damage or misalignment. My symptoms are typical of iliopsoas tendonitis, i.e. cant put socks on, cant cross legs, cant get in car etc without LOTS of pain. I also get aches and pains sitting for a long time and walking up hills or stairs, particularly at the back of the hip. I've had 4 steroid injections (two into joint, two into the tendon), all have made no improvement, and in fact, I think they have sped up the deterioration in movement. My surgeon is undecided if its metal allergy or illiopsoas. So rather than go in and remove the metal, he wants to try iliopsoas release.

Up until start of pain, I was fairly active - walking 4-5 times a week, cycling etc.

I had OA in my left hip from a sports injury about 20 years ago. I spent about 2 years trying to get help for the constant pain - the first couple of OS I saw told me to come back in 10 years. I wasn't happy as I could hardly walk, and not being able to play with my kids was not acceptable. By the time I was eventually referred to Prof Nivbrant, I was 39 and walking with a cane. He thought I was a good candidate and did a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. For the first 12 months its was brilliant. I was in no pain, walking, running, cycling, just being active. Prof Nivbrant took copies of my films for his research as he thought they were so good.

Then I started to find it was getting sore again, just getting dressed, putting on socks to start. Then getting in the car, then couldn't drive a manual car, now just pain all the time. I've tried complete rest, physio, and the steroid injections - all with no success. Its just getting worse each week...
There aren't that many surgeons doing resurfacings in Perth ( I think he said about half a dozen others?)- but he sent me for a second opinion to Daniel Fick. While I was at there, he had another colleague also review my films. None of them noted any issue with placement, or with bone structures.

April 12, 2010

I did end up getting the release - and I don't regret it. I had extremely painful grating pain every time I lifted my leg. 2y post op, and I had my walking stick out again, couldn't get in the car etc (not good at only 41!!!). This pain has completely gone.

However, 11 months on from the release and I still feel like my hip is not right. I still feel like I can feel the metal inside my hip. I had this with the grating as well, but its not as painful. Sometimes its more in my butt, sometimes its right in the front. Sometimes it feels like I just need to move a bit to get into a comfortable position (but no matter what I do, I can't get it comfortable). Its not really painful, just this discomfort.

I tried PT for about 4 months with no improvement, and sometimes making it worse. She tried everything she knew, and sort advice from her peers. She has recommended I go back to the surgeon, and has written to him for me - I just haven't gone yet!

I think I am avoiding it as long as I can. I feel like its 'uncomfortable' and when it gets 'painful' I will go. I don't want more surgery, and I think that is what he will want to do.

September 22, 2011

I also had major groin pain, starting about 12 months after resurfacing. After a year of PT and three steroid injections (which did nothing to relieve pain) I had the release surgery. The groin pain has completely gone. That was over 12 months ago now. I think it was worthwhile - but rebuilding the strength in my leg is taking an awfully long time. I still cant run properly, and I have trouble lifting my leg very high (like getting into the car, and crossing my legs). Having said that, its a small price to pay for no pain! I think it will get better, but it takes dedication to rebuild the muscle strength and movement. the PT keeps giving me glut exercises, and I think it is improving, slowly. The one thing I didn't expect - they went in through the same incision, and the scarring is quite bad. It hasn't healed nicely like the first time, so its definitely no bikinis at the beach for me!!
In terms of the op - I was in hospital 3 days, and on crutches for about a week. I was back at work after 2 weeks (desk job), and driving (auto transmission) after 3weeks.

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