Karen C's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Schemitch 2009

December 11, 2009

I had my BHR with Dr. Schemitch on May 15 this year. I was on toe weight bearing for 6 weeks post-op which Dr. S explained was his cautious approach for reducing complications. I think this contributed to the muscle weakness I have been experiencing.  At my check-up I was told the BHR was perfect and I could resume all activities with no restrictions.  My operative leg was very weak initially. My leg turned in a few times going up stairs and actually appeared to give out on me , which was scary but that has much improved.One thing that has helped is using a personal trainer who has experience with prosthetic rehabilitation. I am gaining strength in the operative leg and can almost do a complete squat which was next to impossible a month ago. I can also cross my legs although I don't find it comfortable to sit that way for very long. Putting on socks and shoes is easier if I bring my leg up when sitting rather than bending over which apparently is due to my very tight hamstrings.  My goal is to resume curling before the season ends.
I have read posts from others on this site and I do think it will probably take a full year before we can expect a full recovery. I know my body didn't get in it's poor pre-op state overnight so I presume it might take a little while to recover.

Overall I am very happy I had the surgery. I can walk, dance and have even started kickboxing all pain free which would have been unheard of 6 months ago. I learned the hard way not to overdo it as you can bring on problems such as bursitis and muscle strains all due to over zealousness and all recovered now.

Many thanks to Pat and all who post here as the wealth of information has been incredibly helpful both before surgery and after.

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