Larry's BMHR 2008

November 3, 2008

I had my op on 16th October and have had blurred vision since then. I've been to my doctors and he put it down to the drugs and op.

April 28, 2009

I had my mid-head (left) done ,last October 16th and went through all the depressing stages including losing my job whilst recuperating.
I never gave it any thought that I'd be able run again up until recently. I can now walk for 15 miles off road and cycle on and off road for as long as I want.

BUT I've been getting that itch and want to run again, I know exactly what's meant by ungainly as the few hundred yards I've run felt unreal. anyway, anymore tips you could give me would be appreciated, and what sort of off-road shoes do you use.
I used to like saucony in my pre-injury days !!

June 11, 2009

last July when I was told that I would need a new hip I was over the moon.
it was at Wrightington hospital in Lancashire ,UK and then being asked did I want a BHR or THR it was like choosing the color of a new car. at the pre-op the surgeon said he did more mid-heads than BHR so I agreed to have one. I didn't know that a mid-head was somewhere between a BHR and THR.
the op went (OCTOBER 16th) well but 2 weeks out of hospital I found out that there were redundancies at work .I was sure I would be one of the unlucky ones but trying to get my health and fitness was more important.
I went through the usual emotional ups and downs and found the surface hippy site a huge help. I'd be out one day and think I was walking ok when I'd see my reflection in a window, hobbling and that would put a dampener on things. so then I'd have a look on this site and read other stories and realize I wasn't alone.
over the weeks ,post-op my limp was going and my back ache was only there if I walked up-hill and really pushed it.
I managed to get back to cycling as well as walking and my hip continues to get stronger but the last few months with having had no luck on the jobs front I'm beginning to have dark thoughts.
as I have mentioned my hip is still getting stronger and am enjoying doing stretches, push-ups,core work and squats which I haven't done for years.
with the new stronger hip has come more and more clunking, especially when I'm tightening my glutes and my other leg is feeling tighter round the front of my thigh/hamstring.
so is anybody else getting this clunking, more and more, as they get stronger or is it just me and have they experienced any problems with the "OTHER "leg ?

January 14, 2010

I did a couple 3 hr trail rides a couple weeks ago and my hip was good, hell it outlasted my knee, there ya go! I love going out there, next trip is the 22nd-24.

September 5, 2010

I'm on my feet all day and my job is fairly physical. it has happened when I've lifted my leg up over an obstacle and then down, put all my weight on it and it feels like my hip wants to stop moving.
I have my 2 year check-up in a few weeks so I'm going to ask what it is.
I put it down to lack of hydration at first ??

ps: the feeling passes in a second

September 12, 2010

I'll be coming up to 2 years post op next month and I can't remember all the offs I've had on my mountain bikes. the last time, in April I hit the ground hard enough to break 2 ribs and the April before I landed on my coccyx. both times I was more worried about my hip.

September 25, 2010

I went for my 2 year check up yesterday. the x-ray looked great

May 22, 2011

my hip will be 3 years old in October and its just dawned on me that the clunking has stopped. must have been over the last few moths .anyway its gone.

September 4, 2011

I've crashed quite a few times, including hitting the deck hard enough to break my ribs and another time cracking my coccyx. every time I fall off I get up and check my hip far so good. it'll be 3 years old next month by the way

January 19, 2014

my hip will be 6 in October and I used to get the clunking on a regular basis but it stopped without me realizing ? I had a check up and blood test last October and was told everything was satisfactory.

I mountain bike and go out walking on a regular basis and coach boxing 3 times a week .the operation has been a 100% success for me even though at first I was as worried as everybody else seems to be and that's why I came on here.


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