Len's Hip Resurfacing Mr. McMahon 2013

November 12, 2013

I am 2 days after surgery. It's great to finally get it done.must admit a bit emotional beforehand.Accorging to surgeon all went well. Now sporting a 54 mm cup and a 48 mm cap.up on the walker yesterday and doing th xvercises. Had a spinal epidural for the surgery and over the past couple of days have been having pain patches, various meds and an icing around the clock to control the pain which hasn't been bad. My back pain which has been bugging me for years has gone. Had a crack with the stroller yesterday. Today's plan is up with physio, shower and sit out at bed for meals. So every day getting better and better.

November 13, 2013

Issues getting out of bed and sitting on the loo last night.just had X-rays done. Sitting in a chair so uncomfortable. Geez it's pulling and tight as. Not so much swelling . Very early days. Day 4 and small baby steps.

November 18, 2013

7 days since op. Every 24 hours is a nouns. Just had a magic 3 hour sleep. The sun is out , no osteo pain. No back pain, just a pulling from the stitches. Pain patches meds working. A pillow under my ankles works a treat at night. Icing 24/7 works well.. Ice in 2 freezer bags and in a pillow slip. Last for hours. Getting used to the crutches but can't really flow through and have a smooth action but the gait is ok. The surgeon advised me before discharge to take it easy. Being active right until surgery paid dividends. Obviously we are all not able to do this, however lots of cycling has given me a solid base. Now it's time to test. The surgeon , mr Stephen McMahon was very happy with the result and there were no dramas during surgery. The spinal epidural worked a treat and the pain meds and patches working wonders. Left hospital on Saturday with my bag of meds and instructions and it's great to be home. The joint itself feels as strong as and the only pain is with the stitches and weird tightness from the muscles.what a relief to have finally have it done. Now it's time to take it easy, follow the post op instructions and slowly get better and stronger.

November 22, 2013

I am 12 days post op. It's hard to believe I've been home for a week. The recovery thus far has been better then what I imagined. How long before the swelling goes down. Doing all the excercises, icing regularly and resting up. My hamstring muscle and surrounds just seem to be hanging there. My back pain and osteo pain disappeared right after the op. Taking it as easy as I can. I know if my left hip needs resurfacing I certainly will not wait as long to have the surgery if that's the case. Very pleased and can't wait to take the bandages off in 7 days (self dissolving stitches). I plan to ease the ice off come mondAy ( 14 days post surgery) and get in touch with a physio to eAse myself off the crutches between 4 to  6 weeks. Trying to take 1 day at a time

November 26, 2013

I had surgery on the 11/11/13. 50 year old cyclist . Averaged anywhere from 80 ks a week to 200 ks a week cycling and a bit of swimming with flippers. Yesterday I walked 200 m x 2 on 2 occasions. Will do the same again.iced around the clock for 2 weeks and still do overnight.
Advised to be on crutches for 6 weeks , ted stockings for 6 weeks and stretches as per physio. As hard as it is for once I will be kind to my joints and take it easy. My surgeon was quite adamant to not do to much.The inactivity is killing me but have to be patent. I would love to ditch the crutches now but I won't. Down the track I will progress to trecking poles, cycling. It's been better then what I expected. I have no osteo pain and no back pain and walking well with crutches. Every day getting better and better.

November 29, 2013

In the space of 3 days walking from 200 metres  to 350 metres 2-3 times a day. Bandages off tomorow so next week  physio and pool planned. Small steps, no rush and all good. That's fantastic where you are at and still improving. I am in no hurry to ditch the crutches. 

December 6, 2013

Monday marks 4 weeks for me since surgery. Was having a rough trot about a week ago. Feeling very flat. Had physio on Monday and since then turned the corner. Walking 3 lots of 400 metres but when I feel tired have a nap. Every day getting better and better. You will lots of support, information here and don't be afraid to vent. I've a week and a half til my crutches are ditched and have some trecking poles purchased on EBay as my next walking aid.

December 23 2013

6 weeks today since my RBHR. Down to 1 crutch, sleeping on my side  with a knee pillow , doing some stretches, water PT and eating everything within arms reach lol.

Over the last week have gone ahead in leaps and bounds. very confident on the 1 crutch but the physio wants me to still use until the new year.I have been given the go ahead to stretch down in between my legs by the surgeon.the 90 degree rule isn't as crucial but avoid stretching and reaching outside of my leg. In regards to walking distances I now cover 1.2 ks in 22 minutes. With 2 crutches a few weeks ago this would take a good 30 minutes. Can I literally walk my backside off, how much is too much or should I just stick to this distance 2 to 3 times a day until I see the physio?

December 28, 2013

7 weeks since surgery. On 1 crutch for past 1.5 weeks. Supposably ditching the remaining crutch later this week.Have tried a few steps with. O crutches and am not ready.
I was going fantastic HOWEVER AS OTHERS HAVE WARNED if you overdo it you will feel it.
Over the 3 previous days I went for a few longer walks, drove the car, went to the movies and tried to stretch my quad as advised by the physio with an elastic tube around my ankle and pulling my ankle towards my butt. Well my ankle, leg have swollen up, my leg is sore and have set myself back. Apart from that I've put on 10 kgs since the op. You can't rush a thing and when you do you pay. I've got some hiking poles that I was planning to use once the crutches were dispensed with , however might have to progress to a cane. Trust me it's not worth it to rush. I thought I was. Wing sensible but it's come to bite me . Take it easy one day at a time

January 7, 2014

Down to 1 crutch and purchased a walking stick , tried it and a tad proppy.
Had difficulties getting into car so stupid me tried to get in using operated leg first.Tried again the proper way once car was driven out of parking bay,walked up.and down a dozen stairs with a crutch
By the end of the day to my horror my lower ankle and foot had swollen, was red, felt hot and when I took my crocks off I could see how badly my foot, lower leg was swollen. I propped the leg up overnight and though swollen it appeared to have eased by morning.  I awoke and my leg is sore, spent  a short time on my feet using the crutch and here I am lying down, feet propped and the lower leg is tight, sore and swollen.

January 10, 2014

Went to my GP this morning, who recommended a ultrasound to ascertain if their were any problems. Tha chap conducting the ultrasound had a BHR performed this 6 years ago.
So after a bit  of prodding with the ultrasound I was asked what I had planned for the rest of the day, so I responded I should here from my GP in a few hours time to find out a result.

So shortly after received a phone call from my GP, advised me go to ER as they had found a small clot below the knee and a large clot in the upper thigh, so despite doing everything right here I sit in hospital for a few days. My leg didn't feel right over the past 3 or so days, so dont be afraid to go with your gut instinct. This is a minor bump in the road. My hip itself feels absolutely marvelous. Will keep you updated. Will be on warfarin for quite a while and having 2 jabs in my stomache over the next 5 days.

January 11, 2014

My local GP seems to think that the clot was there all along.Once the asprin and TED stockings were ceased it came to a head.
48 hours in hospital, blood samples taken every day to.ascertain, thickness, thinness of blood, that have to get it right.2 x daily jabs with some medicine to thin the clots as quickly as possible.
Home tomorow and visits daily by home nurse for a daily jab in the stomache.This will cease once the warfarin kicks in.Will be on warferin for 3 to 6 months with weekly blood tests.Also getting measured up for some different compression socks and leg to remain in horizontal position?Although I have private health cover because I was admitted via ER I am in a public hospital.
Before long my stomache will resemble a pin cushion with the amount of jabs . Bed bound for the next 24 hours.DVT is quite painful once it really kicks in.Just the luck of the draw

January 19, 2014

10 weeks tomorow since my surgery. If anyone had said I would still be on 1crutch/walking stick at this stage still I would have laughed. However it's only been today that I've used the walking stick all day so that's progress. Have now ceased injections into the stomache and off to my Dr tomorow to find out where to from here.
It's amasing how the mind works I'm thinking as I've now got clots below and above the knee and the chances of this happening were very slight I'm thinking my Bhr will fail down the track. I know it sounds daft.Ive also looked at the DVt forum and it's not good reading.
My hip feels good despite not doing any excercise/stretches at all on drs orders. Hopefully get some clarity tomorow. Can any one advise post Dvt how they have done in terms of being out of the woods. If my other hip needs doing down the track I am sure my post op medical care will be different. I can't wait to be walking, cycling and swimming again big time. Hopefully the Warferin will only be for 3 months.Will keep you posted

February 7, 2014

Visited surgeon for 12 week check up. BHR device looking A ok. Given the go ahead to go to gym,cycle,swim, do everything bar running on concrete. He was very very surprised re DVT cropping up at 9 weeks. Given family history he advised more evidence of late linking genetic link .
Joined a gym and will cycle on a spin bike for another 3 months til I venture outside on my road bike and do some light weights. I've put on 10 kgs + since the surgery but will burn it off again over time. Off to see physio again next week to improve on gait walking style.If I take smaller steps it's ok but my leg tends to roll in with a normal step. I was adamant that it was my knee but I can walk well if I change the way I've been walking for the past 30+ years. My progress has been delayed because of the DVT .Its only in the past 2.5 weeks that I've dispensed with the walking stick.One thing I didn't ask the surgeon was about crossing your legs. Any feedback. Spent a couple of hours doing hydrotheraphy and walking laps in the pool.So looking forward to regaining fitness cycling swimming and incorporating gym and walking as I was very fit before the op.My running days are over but awaiting a aqua jogging Belt for the pool .Its great to be pain free after years of discomfort.Still wearing DVT stocking and on warferin for the next 5 months but making progress albeit slowly.

March 9, 2014

16 weeks now more or less Been pushing it treadmill, spin bike and around the house. Only wear the DVT stocking when leg swells up a bit. Wearing it every second day as a precaution as my GP has cleared me. Purchased a spin bike for home so I'm interested on how your spin classes are going Juno . Keep your chin up China Lady the DVT are a pain but to finally be osteo free is magic.

April 2, 2014

My initial slow progress due to blood clots at 9 weeks is now a dim memory.raising a sweat on my spin bike.Tad wobbly on my road bike but will wait til off the warfarin in 3 months.Can spin quite happily for 90 minutes plus, walk 8-10 ks and swim countless laps at the pool.Admittedly I've stacked on a lot of weight post op but plan to be back at pre surgery weight by my one year anniversary.Just today I've tried a number of yoga stretches and lunges and tried crossing my legs above the knees. Sheer bliss.Have been advised by my GP that my ankle will occasionally swell for the rest of my life due to my episode of blood clots but it's great to finally be in a good space. My biggest issue is whittling off the 18 kgs I've gained since surgery.

May 9, 2014

At 10 weeks I was recovering from DVT. So no activity for 2 weeks . Prior to this I was doing hydrotheraphy in the pool. I purchased a spin bike and spending a good 90  minutes on it in a session at. 4-5 months. I am just about at the 6  months stage and just starting to cycle on the road again.30- 55 ks but need to do it regularly. My hip at time feels sore and aches but it's fine the next day. My progress has been slow but making up,for lost ground now. It's heading into our Winter here soon so will be spending a lot more time on the spin bike and swimming.As the days roll into weeks you will notice a big improvement and every day it getting better and better.

May 20, 2014

6 month mark and easing back into cycling. It's a bit of a hot and miss affair. Managed 70 ks yesterday at a slow pace and pulled up,ok today. I am trying to shed so,e of the unwanted kilos gained post surgery and plan to ramp it up a bit. Feel good on the bike going up hills and feeling strong. Interested in some feedback from other cyclists here and how theft went post surgery. I don't race or anything like that. But  am keen to get back to 300 + ks week I was doing when the going was good

June 11, 2014

Today marks 7 months since my surgery. Admittedly I am a lot heavier then what I was prior to surgery so today I celebrated and walked about 19-20 km.. Not that I advocate this for everybody but it's part of my plan to peel off the weight and keep it off. My hip and surrounding muscles were doer yesterday after a few hours  in the garden and a light bike ride.Another 4 weeks and I will be off the warferin. Will spend a few hours in the pool tomorow and work on some stretches.i haven't walked or ran that far in 10 years. I am pleasantly fatigued. Will I run again I doubt it but it's nice to know I can walk a long way. Mixing it up with some swimming, spin bike, cycling and Watching my calorie intake it's all good

September 19, 2014

It's been 10 months since my surgery. I saw Stephen Mcmahon who is a few doors down from Andrew.Your in good hands and my surgeon was leaning towards a THR as opposed to a BHR but I wanted a Bhr. The avenue Hospital is the bees knees and I'm glad I made the trip up the coast to have this done. I Was really fit prior to my op and am in an active job as well. Regardless of what surgery you have the best thing is my osteo pain is gone. I'm a good 13kg heavier them what I was pre surgery but now as the weather warms up here in Australia and my restrictions are lifted. I've just made a 1 year post op appointment with the surgeon there will be no stopping me.Lucky we have access to some of the best surgeons performing this procedure.look forward to hearing of your progress. My hip just keeps getting better and better.

October 8, 2014

I'm at 11 months in a few days and life is grand. See the surgeon in 4 weeks and then I can cut loose.

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