Denise's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Kelly 2012

December 25, 2011

I have chosen Dr Cynthia Kelly with Colorado Limb Consultants.  We had a great consultation with her, her confidence in the procedure, experience with the whole hip AND BHR, as well as her demeanor went a long way to solidify my decision.  And while she may not have done as many as other doctors, her attention to detail, her understanding of the placement, her knowledge of the hip anatomy and her experience with limb preservation in general has give me the confidence and courage to call her my surgeon. 

Scheduled for January 19, 2012.  It's coming up fast so I don't have a lot of time to second guess or get cold feet.  I give a pint of blood next week and am getting my short-term disability all lined up at work. 

My family is 100% behind me and are 'excited' to get me back on my dirt bike next summer! 

January 23, 2012

Just a quick note to let you know I'm a HIPPY now!  Slightly rough road - blood was too thin and had to get my pint back, a little low B/P and high heart rate, but nothing ever really "dangerous".  The procedure itself went great.  Dr Kelly commented that it looked worse than on the x-rays, and that the BHR went in perfectly.  I am home now and ready to heal.  Already able to do weight bearing as tolerable and it feels so good. 

January 27, 2012

8 days post-op and feeling OK.  PT going great.  I can feel the strength and ROM returning each time.  Not much swelling nor incision pain, but I have kept up on my pain meds so that I can do what I need to.  Worst thing is sleeping.  I'm good for about 4 hrs on my back, then start getting fidgety.  Last night I almost caved and laid on my side.  AUGH!  But I didn't, just got up and made the trek to the plastic throne, and by the time I got back, did some stretching, took my meds and got back in bed, I had loosened up enough to get back to sleep for a few more hours. 

My blood levels are still too thin.  Off the coumadin again and another blood draw today.  I had given my own blood over 3 wks prior to surgery, so I don't think that was an issue.  I am 5'6" and 130# so not sure if it's just not my size that is the issue. 

I can't believe it's been over a week already.  Dr Kelly said I was a perfect 46mm and if it would have been any smaller I would have had a THR - and I definitely understand that.  Glad I was able to get the BHR.  My instructions are weight bearing as tolerated and I am able to put at least 25% weight on the new hip, and have stood at the sink 50/50 when I brushed my teeth.  WOW - felt great! 

Still kinda foggy - still not used to not being totally self-sufficient and grateful for my hubby and my aunt who are here helping me out.  Trying not to over-do-it but the PT is already boring me, so just concentrating on doing it perfect and not rushing things. 

February 1, 2012

Sleep is so elusive....  2 - 3 hrs at a time,  varying from bed - laying fairly flat to sitting up right or 'reclining' on the couch as it may be.  I am not used to missing sleep......  I no likey..... makes me cranky.    I do take 2 naps during the day, but just this uncomfortableness is getting old already.   

I re-read my post op instructions 100 times and it said I could put 2 pillows between my legs and lay on my side.  That works for about 10 min till too uncomfortable.  I have cut back on the percocet to 1/2 in the am, then extra strength tylenol mid-day and  1/2 percocet before bed with a valium to relax.  well that lasted till 1am and here I am, so I took another 1/2 perc and see if that may kick in soon so I can sleep. 

I'm feeling great otherwise,  I feel way more comfortable using just one crutch and taking nice slow real steps with the new hip, making sure to preserve form over function.  If I need to get somewhere quick I'll use 2 crutches.  PT also recommended "cruising" the kitchen like a toddler cruises around furniture as they learn to walk.  That's fun :-) 

My first post-op visit is Thurs.  Still monkeying around with my blood levels.....  but since it was only 3 weeks on coumadin figure i only have one more week to screw around with this and then they'll leave me alone.  Will look in to the next phase of PT next week.  May talk to the guy Boomer is using since he's now familiar with BHR patients.  Found that using my SoniCare and doing my toe liftsups at the same time is good multi-tasking.  2 min of those are great. 

My scar is about 6" long - should get the staples out on Thurs too.  Looks like it's healing nicely.  Got the 'Aquacell' bandage so have been able to shower the whole time.  We have 2 shower heads and it feels sooooooo Goood in there.  Thank GOD we have 2 40 gal water heaters!  I am definitely taking that time to spoil myself.

My aunt is here with me and yesterday was the first day my hubby went to work.  He's a firefighter and works 48 hr shifts.  This was the first time ever in our 29 yrs together that I got so insecure and asked if he could come home after his first shift - so he'll be home in the morning.  I have always been so independent, as firefighter wives MUST be, but I just felt so lost and lonely without him, even though it was for just a short time.  Funny how things like this do it to you.  I am just glad he can come home. 

Other than just incision pain/muscle weakness, I'm feeling pretty damn good.  Now to get this sleep thing under control and all will be right with the world, birds will sing.

February 1, 2012

I have my 2 wk post op  on Thurs and will let  you know what my dr says.  Reduced amts of meds and my head feels less foggy- my main concern.  I live in the mountains and have an 11 mile drive to the valley and then another 20 miles of hwy time to the dr office, so with snow in the forecast it may be a few more days.  Hoping within a week so that I can get to the mall to walk where it's safe for me (ie: no snow/ice/hills) and also start out patient PT. 

February 7, 2012

Had a great Post-Op appt last week. I graduated myself to my cane the day before and everyone was like "WOW"! It feels way better than just trying one crutch. Again, trying to preserve form with every step so I'm a bit slow, but it's all good! So much easier to manuever with just a cane. Saw the surgical day xrays and dr showed me how it all looked good. Next x-rays at 6 wks. Cont'g with home induced PT and as much walking as I can do. A little difficult since we got 50" of snow!!! But we did get out yesterday to Bass Pro Shops and I bought some slip on shoes since I'd just came to the realization that I was going to be home alone and could not put on my own damn shoes! LOL The shoes have good grippers for my snowy conditions too.

Today I was "Flying Solo"! Got the OK to drive, so I was able to go to the lab for my blood work - hoping it's the last time, but doubt it, probably one more visit. Then ran a couple of errands, stopped and saw hubby at work (since he'll be there thru Wed AM and I already missed him.  Got home and was tired, but not exhausted. Don't feel like I over did it, but do realize I was pushing it a bit. So the dishes will wait till morning, already in my PJ's and just chilling for the rest of the evening.

Things I've Learned and hope by sharing others can benefit:

1) FIBER! Lots of it prior to surgery..... and afterward as well as ducolax or other 'helper'.... lol
2) Ice bags made of 50% water 50% rubbing alcohol in double ziploc bags are awesome - they stay flexible and are super-duper cold!
3) "Scrubs" pants with pockets. I have a friend who's a cardiac rehab PT and she let me borrow some of hers - one size bigger than I'd normally weary - very light weight - comfy, big waist band and easy to put on. And the pockets are very helpful.
4) As soon as you get home get on the phone to schedule your outpatient PT consult and treat appointment - even if it's 2 weeks out and you are doing Home PT. I spaced that and today tried to schedule and can't get in for another week. I have enough home PT work to do, but am a bit disappointed that I can't get that part of my recovery started this week.

I feel so blessed to be feeling as great as I do. People can't believe I'm only 18 days post op - and really, neither can I. I know sleep will get better. I just try to keep that in mind during those late night/early morning difficulties. I am so pleased with my surgery and progress and just thank God, my Hubby, my Aunt who helped me, The Universe, This SITE and EVERYONE ON IT for getting to this point! (yeah, getting all mushy - must be the meds.

February 11, 2012

Day 22 - sleep for me still sucks, however I have to admit it's getting better....  that said, don't get depressed about it, take naps when you can and just accept that it's gonna suck.  I wish we had a recliner as I think that would have helped.  I've been taking valium before bed but hubby wants me to talk to the dr about something else.  IDK - I just want to be off all meds.  For pain just on Extra Strength Tyelnol now.  And I am just now able to roll onto the good side with 2 pillows between my legs and sleep a little on my side, as well as take the pressure off my low back.  A little laying on the op'd side also, but definitely not sleeping, just again taking the pressure off the back. 

I get about 3 hrs in bed, then off to pee and head to the couch.  Seems to be a good mix for me at this point.  You'll find your groove, but just know it's hard and don't get mad like I did the other night.

February 12, 2012

Day 24:  had a very rough night last night - I think I laid on the op'd side too long, as I actually fell asleep on it, but when I woke up I was miserable.  Moved to the couch, laid there in discomfort for about an hour and then gave in to a Percocet.  Took about 45 min to get it all to calm down and then fell asleep for about 2 hrs - good deep sleep.  Actually felt rested when I woke up. 

Still doing just home PT.  Have added a few things my PT friend said would be OK so I do feel like I am progressing.  Able to walk normal up/down the 23 stairs into the house and it's a good work out since we live at 9,000'.  I've been taking very concentrated appropriate steps across the living room floor with no assistance.  But have kept to using the cane for most walking.  Again, unless in a hurry, trying to keep a very proper step to be sure to train those muscles to work correctly. 

I also feel like my brain is finally coming around.  I go back to work 2/21 and will need a clear head and have not felt 'with it' until just the last few days.  We also have a home business that I do the bookkeeping for and it's been a struggle to get quotes and invoices out - but it's all coming together and I am feeling a lot better about that. 

I have been driving which feels great - I've always been the one that drives everywhere.  Hubby loves it so we have that going for us.  I made "first tracks" down the driveway last night in the new 4" of snow we got yesterday.  Was hoping to buy the winning Powerball ticket but - it wasn't our lucky night...  LOL   

I'm feeling amazingly well with the progress I've made.  I am now ready to seriously pursue some formal PT and will start getting that rolling this week.  It's frustrating in that anywhere I want to go is 20+ miles away, so hoping to do 1x/wk and get a lot of good home instructions.  And unfortunately walking outdoors for me is out of the question for now- not going to take any chances of falling on the snow/ice.  I'll just have to continue the laps around the garage and stairs.  For you guys out there, we have a 1000sqft garage - big enough for an F350 4x4 king cab long bed, with room enough to walk behind it and the work bench ;-)  The Suburban parks in the single car side. 

March 2, 2012

Had my 6 wk check up and got to see the implant beautifully in place.  All is good with my recovery and she's released me from the Hip Precautions.  Need to work on flexibility and strength and carry on with that till my 6 month check up.  WOOHOO!!!

I can sleep on my tummy now if I want
I can cross my legs
I can turn/pivot on that leg
I can tie my own shoes
I can clip my own toenails
I can get on my bike on the trainer
I can I can I can!!!  YEAH!!!   

March 11, 2012

I am at 7 wks - still sore.  I have been gently massaging it with just two fingers since about 3 wks.  Then at 5 wks my PT did some deep massage and it really helped!!  Now I dig my two finger massage in as deep as I can take it, a few times a day.  I know my muscles are all tied up in that scar and it just plain is going to take massage and time for it to get better.  Let alone the 'dent' in my butt!! 

I also use Wan Hau oil from my acupuncturist, which is helping to relieve some of the pain and reduce the scar itself.  At 5'6" I have about a 7 - 8 inch curving scar that I had 23 staples in, so whatever I can do to reduce the impact of it (and return to bikini modeling - LOL- NOT)  I am going to do. 

I do know that it is getting better over time, but that's just it, it takes time.  It is better than it was at 3 wks and at 4 wks.  But the major leaps ahead are more like the turtle, slow and steady. 

April 12, 2012

Celebrated the 3Month/12week/84day mark with a nice little ride on my Mountain Bike OUTSIDE!!!  Yes, the wind in my face, 2 wheels underneath me, real saddle time!  I won't lie - I did not ride too far, but it felt GREAT!  And my doggie was so happy!  She's missed our rides.  I chose my flat pedals as I did not want any issues with clipless.  I feel Great and have tomorrow off to go ride at my leisure as much as I want wherever I want.  Our trails nearby are clear of snow and shouldn't be muddy so maybe I'll trek over there and ride what I can.  It's just great to be out.  Maybe I'll see a moose. 

It's been worth waiting for this day.  Didn't want any femur fracture issues if I had any mis-haps and other than trying to to a little bunny hop and slipping a pedal (on the non-op'd side) and the lump on my shin, it's all been Good. 

April 25, 2012

just shy of Week 13 and I went on a "real" mtn bike ride.  Boulder County has done some things right and their open space trails are one of them.  They looped one area together and I've not ridden it till yesterday.  I didn't quite look at the whole map, but I knew where it went and had ridden most of the trail prior to surgery many times.  So I venture out on the new section, which is very smooth gravelly path, very gentle climb, and wide.  Not many people out and it's a beautiful afternoon.  So I ride to the 4 mile point and take a break, stretch, drink some water and enjoy the true freedom of being on my bike and pain free! 

The next 4 miles are awesome, too,  and now I'm on the sections of the area that I've ridden before.  Definitely one section I walk due to many step up rocks and water-bars.  It's changed over to nice single track, but again, not much climbing and what there is, is gentle.  I am feeling SO GOOD!  Cloud cover has helped take some of the heat off me.  It was in the 80* range, and the FlatIrons look awesome. 

At the 8 mile point I am thinking I'm over 1/2 way so I may as well continue the way I'm going, ride the rest of the single track and then the Looooooonnnngggg downhill back to the truck.  The dh is loose and gravely and while I've ridden it many times, I didn't want any accidents so I kept it at 15mph or so.  Final tally:  13.5 miles. 

I really thought I'd over-done it, for sure.  But I iced as soon as I got home, and again before bed and took some tylenol.  Today - I feel great - really surprised how good I do feel.  I went for a 2.5 mile walk today and that felt good too.  WOW - This Hip Resurfacing stuff is da'bomb!!! 

May 19, 2012

I'm week 17 1/2 or so and feel like I'm about mid-pack at this point in healing.  Not on the "fast-track" but don't seem to be going to slowly.  I am walking 3.5 miles or more a day, and have added lunges during the walk.  Did 125 on Thursday.  I do maybe 4-5 walks a week.  I try to do my PT 3-4 times a week, but  it's soooooooooooooooooo boring.   I'd rather DO something to rehab than just work out in the home gym.  (Ok not really a gym, my son's bedroom since he moved out) 

I have mtn biked a few times, but between work and weather, it's been hard to get out on the bike.  I did do 13 miles 2 wks ago on some open-space easy trails and it felt GREAT.  I paced myself and took breaks frequently but it was so nice to really "move". 

I am looking at increasing the Mtn Biking the next few weeks as I approach my 6month mark.  My appt is 7/19 and if all is good, we'll have our motorcycles loaded up that night and headed out for an easy moto ride on 7/20!   ;D  I have totally set my self up to be crushed if I can't ride on 7/20, but will try to remember that I'm in this for the long-term.

I'm still stiff and a little sore transitioning from sitting to walking.  I still get weird pains up/down the scar/muscles.  I still think about my hip most of the time.  If I get a weird pain, I have a moment of panic.  But I lay there at night and 'try' to feel that O/A pain and you know what - It's Gone!!!  I feel nothing inside the hip joint.  All my aches and pains are muscular and that's so awesome!!!  And by reading more and more here, I know these issues will resolve with time.  That's so awesome!!! 

May 28, 2012

Approaching Week 19 and WOW - as people have stated, it just keeps getting better.   

I hiked Sat and Sun, loose, overgrown trails, some times no trail at all, steep and rocky.  The hip felt GREAT!  It didn't miss a beat.  Uphill and downhill, sidehill and all.  I thought about it the whole time and not once did it even make a peep! 

Today I did the one thing that drove me to this surgery> I was at the point where I could not throw my leg over my KTM250f.  I'm 5'6" and the bike is original height except for the seat is 1" lower. So by all standards, It's tall to get over.  Well - I DID IT!   ;D  And the hip had NO PAIN Whatsoever!  The muscles are still a little tight, but 1 yr ago this weekend, I couldn't even do that.  I still have 7 more weeks to go before I can/should ride, but just knowing I can throw a leg over the bike has made me so HAPPY!  All of my dreams lately have been about riding.  As a 47 yr old mom, wife and business woman, riding has been my passion since birth - and it's coming back!  YEAH!  This, too, has been Worth The Wait! 

June 15, 2012

Just sped past week 21 and in doing so was reminded by my body that I am still healing.  Bumped up the routine with 2x/day walks and then threw in a Mtn Bike ride and was rewarded with some achy-soreness deep in the muscles all the way down the leg.  In that first moment of panic/soreness I wonder - is this my hip joint pain?  And as I laid there in bed and did a full body assessment, I was able to rule out the joint pain and relax with knowing it's just the muscles and nerves still healing.  Push a little, they push back a little.  Took today off from workouts and will give things a chance to calm down.  Also iced.  Even at 5 months, icing still helps and feels good. 

October 9, 2012

Here I am at almost 9 months post-op and feeling pretty darn good.
I can see how we each do this on our own "terms" and thought I'd been doing really well, began to slack off on the exercising and it shows.  I am trying to get back on it regularly but life can just interfere.  I know I know - must make priorities but a lot has gone on to derail me. Now if I can just take these as motivation to get back on the right track I should be good.  Ski Season is FAST approaching.

As for my Motorcycle Riding - well - it's been great!  I went back and redeemed myself on a trail I had not ridden for 5 yrs.  One of the toughest single-track trails in Colorado.  This was in celebration of our 25th Wedding Anniversary (a few weeks early as our actual date is 10/10)  Hubby told me it was the "Petroleum Products" Anniversary so he bought me new tires, new grips and bought my gas for our trail ride.  He's a Great Guy! 

I've taken 1 hard fall on the moto, of course on the surgical side and was in a small accident on the non-surgical side when I got hit by another rider.  Neither have seemed to have affected my hip.  I took real close inventory - trust me.  No new pains, twitches, spasms, nor any other weirdness.  I am glad it was after 8 months that the 2nd incident happened. 

I am SO GLAD that I had this surgery.  I have recommended it to so many people and have touted my success.  Most people can't believe it.  Now if I can just get myself boosted back up to the daily exercising - I know it'll be good for my hip, my heart and my overall well being. 

October 10, 2012

I am approaching my 8 month anniversary of my surgery and Life is Great! I still have work to do with my strength and flexibilty, but I will say that my life has returned to better than normal!  I have been able to do everything I wanted to and did pre-surgery/pre-pain/pre-limitations due to O/A. 

This site has done so many things for all of us - reminding us that this is a 'marathon' not a 'sprint' and being there when you feel that "weird" thing in the middle of the night.  The people here are so caring and helpful!  And we all recover at our own pace, there is no pattern or expectation. 

January 19, 2013

Today is my 1 year post-op and I can say that this has been a game-changer in my life.
I am doing EVERYTHING I wanted to.  My fitness is my only limiting factor and that's my own fault.  My first ride on my KTM was 7/21/12 and it was awesome.  My first ski day was 1/9/13 ona "blue bird" day in Steamboat Springs, Co and it was awesome!  Every day I put on my socks, pull on my pants, do normal things that were difficult to do pre-op I think - This is Awesome! 

Congrats to the 2012 January Crew also - we were good supporters for each other.  And thanks to this SITE and Pat for ALL the support!!!   

If you are getting ready to have surgery, just had it or still considering it - take strength from this site and all those that have gone before you.  I have absolutely No Regrets about this surgery.  It's definitely been my Game-Changer! 

October 19, 2014 Almost 3 yrs and going Great!

I had surgery 1/19/2012 and on 9/27/14 had my annual exam with Dr. Cynthia Kelly in Denver.  Xrays look Great!  I am back to completely normal life and hiking, camping, riding my mtn bike and motorcycle as much as I want and on any trails that I dare to ride.  My BHR is the best thing I have done for my health.  I will say that I am not in the physical shape I'd like to be in, but we just got 2 puppies in May, so I am walking A LOT more now than prior to that and it's awesome.  There are weeks that go by that I don't even think about the surgery.  That is an incredible outcome.

I came back here to check in, but also to get re-educated.  A good friend is interested and has a lot of people telling her NOT to get Hip Resurfacing.  Looking on this forum reinforces the reason why I ignored 2 doctors, (one of them the top guy in Colorado) to find the a surgeon who was not only capable but confident to do my surgery.  I think my friend may be hearing the same thing "you are small and would be at the extreme of the sizing"...  (read: I don't want you to ruin my statistics if something happened)  But with the right surgeon, I have a perfect hip and am so glad I went through all the trouble to find the right surgeon for me. 

I again will say that this forum has been so helpful and I am so grateful to have found it.  While I have not visited for a while, it's good to see the familiar folks who supported me through those first few weeks and months, supporting others and keeping this going.  I will always be thankful for everyone's support. 

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