Lucinda Tucker's Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Barba 2006/2010

Nov 26, 2014

Hard to believe 8 years ago I had my first resurf and started resuming life as someone that was no longer crippled. Then 4 years later I need a resurf on my other hip. Since then it's been smooth sailing. I've resumed all the activities I'd slowly given up because of the crippling hip pain. When my first hip started going bad all I heard was you're too young for a hip replacement, you need to wait as long as you can. In 2006 when it received FDA approval I got it done as soon as possible. Not a moment of regret!!!

Here's to all of us who have made the journey and to those about to embark. Have a happy life!!

To Keith,Pat & Peggy who helped show the way and provided information for many of us, thank you so much for all your help. For Vicky that helped many, rest in peace.

Lucinda Tucker

LBHR 11/26/2006 Barba
RBHR 10/6/2010 Barba

October 4, 2012p

I'm still going strong with my two resurf's.

Thanks again for all the work you put into your site. I know I owe you and others like you who helped get the word out in the early days. Hard to believe my LH is almost 6 years old and the RH 2 years.

I had problems with what I thought was my lower back for years. Started in my early 40's. I then started noticing that my leg would feel like it was going to give out as I went down stairs or got up from a chair. The pain became more noticeable at night after a busy day. I saw my Dr., had x-rays and while there was some evidence of OA in my back, not to the extent that I should be in the amount of pain I was. I was given Naproxen and started seeing a chiro periodically, in the interim the pain got worse.

Finally at 49 my GP sent me to a rheumatologist. She asked if anyone had looked at my hips and I said no. Sent me for x-rays and sure enough, hips were wearing out. She explained that I needed to limit my weight bearing activities as I was too young for hip replacement and I was going to need both done eventually. She put me on NSAIDS and gave me trammadol for the night pain. As with most folks I couldn't believe I needed hip replacement, I was too young. I slowly began to give things up. I used to walk 3 miles a day, then 2, then 1, then the last year none. I went on the internet and found out about hip resurfacing,it didn't have FDA approval yet. I read the book by Peggy Gabriel and decided resurf was the way I wanted to go.

Mentioned it to my rheumatologist on my next visit and she said she hadn't heard of it. Encouraged me to wait until I was at least 55 because I didn't want to have to have at least one or two revisions. I was then sent to pain management. I had several hip injections for the pain. The first was wonderful, lasted about 6 months, the 2nd about 3 months and the 3rd really didn't help.

Luckily about this time resurf received FDA approval. I saw that Dr. Barba's name was on the list. Checked out his credentials: Dr. Barba practices general orthopedics with emphasis in adult reconstructive surgery and primary and revision joint replacement surgery. I made an appointment to meet him. I had seen four other OS during my journey to resurfacing, none who did the procedure or recommended it. Dr. Barba was new to the procedure, we discussed that. He spent alot of time with me discussing resurfacing and he was pleased that I had done my homework and was able to discuss the procedure with him. He also explained that he had hip problems and hip resurfacing would probably be in his future, hence his interest in the procedure. He looked at my x-rays and said "you must be in a lot of pain, let's fix that".

Out of the other surgeons I had talked to, I liked this man. I liked that he talked to me, not at me. I liked his credentials and even though I was to be only his 3rd resurfacing, I decided to go with him. I haven't once regretted my decision. The constant bone ache was gone when I woke up. He checked with me after surgery to make sure that my pain was under control. He's made himself available to any questions or concerns.

I'm sure that all of us that have had successful surgery that has made a big impact in our life love our Dr.'s. The resurf surgery gave me back my mobility and my ability to again enjoy an active life and I am so grateful to Dr. Barba.

My right hip now is doing some complaining and when the time comes, I wouldn't hesitate to have Dr. Barba take care of it for me.

LBHR 11/27/06 Dr. Barba


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