On 13th December, exactly 11 months post right hip BHR I completed a sprint triathlon. Did a fair bit of running from August, gradually increasing distance and speed, plus a load of cycling and swimming. Loads of time spent getting it right and I don't even think of it.


January 13, 2015

This morning Andrew Shimmin fitted a Birmingham 52mm head and 58mm to my blown out right hip. A morning spent shopping with Mrs H got rid of any doubts about surgery it ached so much.

The journey has begun, and to be honest, the worst bit was waking up from the surgery! Pain is minimal at the moment ( I know that will change ) but the ice feels great. The whole team here at The Avenue Hospital, Melbourne have been awesome so far. 

January 22, 2015

Day 9. Been on one crutch for the last 2 days. Flew home on day 7.  Zero pain, just stiff ache and swelling that is controllable with ice. Can't get over how, after major surgery mobility returns. I put it down to the skill of the surgeon, his peri-operative physician and encompassing team. Pat, you may want to move my thread to 'stories' now rather than 'topics'. I'll keep a regular update on the recovery just in case it answers some questions those yet to choose this path may have.
Walked 2x 600m with 1 crutch in 32 degrees today! The TEDS stockings are the worst when it's warm!

February 7, 2015

Almost 4 weeks now and recovery is going really well. Walking 4 miles a day in 2 sets and it feels fine. I've been doing all the stretches and exercises from my PT and see differences every day. Really pleased so far. Start spin bike and hydrotherapy this week so looking forward to that.
I'm only taking panadol now if required and that's normally at the end of the day.
The only slight niggle I get is first thing in the morning when I get up. I have a numbness down my hamstrings on the operated leg. I know the sciatic nerve is isolated in surgery.

February 16, 2015

5 weeks post op today. Cleared to resume swimming at the physiotherapists today. Using the turbo trainer daily up to 45 minutes getting the heart rate up there starting to use resistance. Range of movement is the current goal but it's far better already than pre surgery. Gotta keep reining it in and do as I'm allowed. I'm not wrecking this BHR by doing too much but it appears I am one of those lucky ones with a good recovery.

March 29, 2015

I had my BHR with Andrew Shimmin in January this year. At the end of 2014 I was posting about his warnings to me that he may have to do a THR if, for any reason, he couldn't do a BHR when he opened me up. It worried me for weeks. At my second appointment with him, he was happy that I had researched and considered what might happen if he couldn't do a BHR. He is a fantastic surgeon, his belief is that the patient must be aware of what could happen and be at ease with that. He willl then affirm that he will go for a BHR and he does a superb job. My results 11 weeks post op are nothing short of miraculous, zero pain, huge ROM improvement and 90% strength back in all planes of movement. I do as I'm told but just do a lot of it.

In my opinion, if you live down here, Shimmin is THE man. He knows what he's on about, wants patients to buy into his philosophies re HR and get back to active living. It is why he is respected worldwide and a member of AAOS as well as the Australian version.
Plus he's a top bloke! Just my opinion!!!

June 4, 2015

I'm 5 months post op with a Birmingham device, walking, cycling, swimming, weights all pain free. More importantly, range of movement is the same as the natural hip and PT tests show it's as strong. I can't vouch for surgeons with you as I'm in Australia but don't delay. My quality of life is now awesome, I'll be running in 3 weeks (tested it a few times already and it's fine!) and my fitness levels are better than they've been for 4 years. Sprint triathlons start in Nov here so that's this years goal.

December 16, 2015

For those of you struggling to push through the post op exercise/PT there is light at the end of the tunnel.

On 13th December, exactly 11 months post right hip BHR I completed a sprint triathlon. Did a fair bit of running from August, gradually increasing distance and speed, plus a load of cycling and swimming. Loads of time spent getting it right and I don't even think of it.

There were some dark times, had severe pain in the hip for 2 weeks when I hit the 7km mark on a run, but it stopped as soon as I stopped running. I just went through it and kept going each time and it stopped. 10km now is easily achievable (although my 48yr old calves complain!).
I've kept abreast of all the topics on this invaluable resource and but just wanted to pass on my experience that hopefully lets you know you can get there. More sprint triathlons and an Olympic distance to be done before winter hits Down Under. Keep believing, horse play with the kids is back on the agenda and we're loving it!! All the very best to those on the road to recovery. 




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