January 6, 2017

Its now 30 months Post Op, [7/7/2014] and everything is just great with my hip. I have no worries or problems doing Triathlon, so long as I keep it to Standard Olympic Distance/Sprint Distances only.
Swimming and Biking pose no issues, but once I start running in excess of 12km, whammo, the pain starts to arise. Any thought of doing a Half Ironman is "out the back-door". I find I can manage 3 Run sessions per week of about a 5km, 8km and 11km.

What does help alot is that virtually all of my running is done on grass or a soft type surface. All in all, life is treating me and my HIP brilliantly, so fingers crossed it stays this way and I can keep competing on the Triathlon scene.  ;)

June 20, 2016

Recently I had my 2 YEAR POST OP. check-up with my Surgeon, Dr. Hugh Blackley, Auckland, New Zealand. Although 3 weeks ahead of the actual "Anniversary date" [ Op was 7/7/14] it was practical to do it then due to family and travel arrangements. I was very confident of getting the big tick of approval, as I had a slow, steady re-hab,+ took 1 year off from my Triathlon racing. [2014/2015 season]. This proved PERFECT, and upon reviewing these 2 years Post-Op. X Rays and Cobalt, Chromium levels , Dr Blackley was very pleased with the results.    :)
My range of motion is excellent on the LHBR leg, so after discussing everything with Dr Blackley and talking in general about competing back at top level, he was more than happy to see me returning to top level competition. Naturally nothing is 100% guaranteed , but I have a number of years left in me, so long as one races wisely !!! and trains accordingly. The morale of the story is basic, if it hurts 
:'(    BACK OFF, REST AND RECOVER, and then start up again. Dr Blackley made this point very clear indeed. As it is winter "down under", I will enjoy a few more weeks of easy as training, before getting down to the serious side of the real stuff.

The 2015/2016 NZ Triathlon season turned out to be a satisfying and rewarding accomplishment, so I look forward to cranking it along, come 2016/2017 season. I have been lucky enough to have a fantastic wife
:-* behind me in my quest to race at National level, along with a dedicated Soft Tissue Therapist, Roger Gooch, who spent many a session "panel-beating" [LOL] my hip so as to address the scar tissue concerns. A number of "hippies" neglect this work and costs, but I'm positive that in missing it, it is well to the detriment of a strong and successful recovery.
From a Swim-Bike-Run perspective, at Olympic and Sprint Distances, I have found that my Swim is still as good , the Bike is very similar and in the Run, I have dropped a little in times. This was always to be expected, regards the Run, but at least I'm out there "doing it". ;) 

To all fellow "hippies" out there, THANKS for the support, news and encouragements- they sure make a BIG Difference. ;D 
Top Regards,
Cheers   ,     
Shorty, Kiwi Boy Down Under.

July 12, 2014

On Monday 7th July 2014 , I had a Left Hip, BIRMINGHAM HIP RESURFACING OPERATION done by Dr Hugh Blackley, here in New Zealand at Southern Cross Hospital, on the North Shore.
I cannot THANK Dr Blackley enough for his skill and precision in doing this op. , for I was a borderline case , due to my 62yrs of age + the actual  bone / joint condition. I have been a super active Triathlete since 1997. I consistently race at the "top end " of my Age Group, and on the World scene as well. In hindsight , I should have had this procedure a few years ago.

Dr. Blackley was great at the first appointment when we decided to get a BHR, and gave me all the options and choices that may or may not happen , once you are on the "table ". My Op. was approx 2hrs and recovery approx the same , so in just under 4hrs I was awake and back in my own room. Naturally one is sore , in pain and discomfort , but with time and a few days , all of these hugely subside. Its strongly advisable that you have all medications, even if you are non pill-popper.

Next day after the Op, I was doing simple leg exercises and a few steps on crutches. Because I'm a Full On person , Dr. Blackley has me on a very cautious recovery programme [otherwise I will fly off and do heaps !!!] .
Its now Day 7 ,and alot of the pain has subsided, and been replaced by more of a " discomfort" type of pain. I do very little walking, only minimal exercises , 2 crutches for everything , and generally lie around and get better. I feel like a big pitbull on a chain , just itching to have a go , but that's a top sensation , for PATIENCE IS THE KEY. As each week progresses, I will slowly up the tempo, according to Dr. Blackley.
I fully intend to go back to Top Level Triathlon competition[ Olympic and Sprint distances] once my re- hab is completed fully , X rays are all good and my Surgeon is a happy chappie.  :)

In reading posts from other athletes , the common FAULT is returning to soon to Full exercise and sport. This is why I am choosing to LISTEN TO THE SURGEON , and follow accordingly. Its a hellofalot of money to flush down the toilet , by not adhering to the rules. Also most other Hippies say get a good surgeon . With Dr. Blackley , he certainly is in this ELITE category. I must also mention the top care and professional attention that all of the Staff showed at Southern Cross North Shore Hospital. Great meals , great service, great attention to details.  ;D   
As time and the weeks slip by , I will update my progress etc. Thanks to all other Hippies out there for their posts and experiences. It makes a massive difference. Live your Dreams.
Cheers , Kiwi Boyo from Down Under. 

Kiwi Boy's Original Story

August 4, 2014

I am now 4 weeks POST OP. LHBHR. 7/7/2014. Its great to reach this point in time and to be "in a good shape of mind and body". Big THANKS go to my Surgeon , Hugh Blackley here in NZ., for his Post Op. support and re-hab programme. As well his PA , Nikki is always there to answer the many questions from time to time . Its great being able to pick up the phone and ring here , on any matter, both Pre Op and Post Op.. [ Am a 5hr drive, 400km away ].Being a bit of a "borderline "case , due to my shocking buggered hip , age 62yrs,and worn area,  :-[ for this procedure , he has deliberately slowed down my progress and exercise programme. This is now paying big dividends , for I'm sure if I had my way , I would have done more , as seems the case with alot of Athletic Hippies . Its the PATIENCE that is the key!! :)

I am now able to do more walking without a crutch , but still use it a fair bit. Have started into Aqua Jogging in the Pool , with Swimming for 40:00 ++ to follow . I use a Pull Buoy for alot of the time . My Bike time is spent on an old CATEYE Windtrainer , so ride that at 20:00-30:00 at a session , easy gearing and just simple spinning. Oddly enough , I find driving to hard/restrictive , so are not at that stage yet.
As each new week ticks by , my confidence is growing and " pain "  levels are significantly lowered. Presently on morning "pain" med, and some nights as well. I am getting weekly Soft Tissue Massage work done on the affected area. This is a must and although it "fires "you off , its all good.

I am due for my 6 week check-up and X Rays with Dr. Blackley in 2 weeks , and are eagerly awaiting to see how I have " scrubbed up ". I can then plan on more SENSIBLE , CONTROLLED exercises based around my Swim , Bike , Walk and Aqua Jog disciplines. Listening to my body , not over-doing things and the brilliant support of my "Head Nurse " - the wife , :-* has allowed me to be in this happy position. Perhaps I'm converted from that Pitbull to a Poodle !!.

August 22, 2014

Its now 7 weeks POST OP, LHBHR, 7 /7 /14. I went back to my brilliant Surgeon/Specialist, Dr.  Hugh Blackley,  for my 6 week check up and further X rays last Friday , 15 August 2014. Resulting from this was perfect news that my Re hab had gone fantastically !!!! and that my ROM had improved quite well. I must mention here that without the "better half " getting stuck into me , putting the handbrake on what I thought I could do , then I'm sure the X ray results and other matters would have given a dark picture.

Exercise wise I am only riding the faithful Cateye Indoor Trainer 45-60:00 , nice easy spinning. Walking is up to 40-45:00 and a very mild easy relaxed pace , about 13:00mins pkm. Swim pool work is about 45-60:00 also , but alot of pull buoy and drills being done. Am also Aqua Jogging some days at 30-40:00.

I discussed the option of when to jog a little, before starting to RUN . We decided that December was a good time to test out the legs , and to very carefully monitor PAIN/DISCOMFORT. All in all , pain/ discomfort levels are very very low , and can now get dressed better, drive easier and generally move about "free as ".

I will slowly increase my activity time and build cautiously as the new weeks tick by. Its certainly a buzz to be back!! :D :D  Cheers , Kiwi Boy Down under,.

October 4, 2014

Its now that "magic" 13 Week, 3 month Post Operation of my LHBHR, 7 JULY 2014, and generally speaking all is "good to go". On a pain level - really discomfort I feel- its 1/10 so ultra minor. I still feel it in the top of the groin area when I bend over to put on walking shoes , work boots etc. Apart from that I am progressing well with my Massage work . Am very lucky here to have the AWESUM services of Roger Gooch at BodySmart here in my hometown New Plymouth, New Zealand . He is a SPECIALIST SOFT TISSUE EXPERT , and I have had weekly sessions with him , since week 2 of the Operation . He also gave me a simple, effective STRETCHING Programme , with has helped . My ROM has greatly improved , my Gluts and Abs actually now" fire up " , so its a positive feeling that I have now got . :)

Exercise wise , its fantastic to "train " without the pressure of the clock or prep. for the up coming Tri Season . I am Swimming well , INDOOR BIKING , and Walking with enthusiasm and control.Generally Swim 3 times a week at about 2:7km each session, Indoor Cycling 3 times as well , say 40km a session and steady Walking, 3 sessions, say 60.00mins each, at approx 10:20pkm. Because its all at the low key/heartrate effort , nothing untoward is causing pain or inflammation.

I am going to take the sensible , conservative approach and forgo our upcoming National Tri Series , 2014-2015-[Dec to April], as I am wanting to have the most optimal chance of the best recovery and rehab. Will now doubt go a bit "troppo" , looney , crazy as Dec approaches , but PATIENCE is the key . Hoping to go into hibernation !! somewhere so as to avoid a sneaky attempt at a race .

I am still very cautious about road riding , so will stay away from them for another 2 months - no rush to have a possible crash !!. My Surgeon has actually allowed me to start running 6 months Post Op. ,[Mid January 2015] but I really don't see the point, even though I hold National Tri Titles, so will take a back seat in top level Tri competition. I close off now , and are so GREATFULL, and THANKFUL for all the input and advice/help from you fellow Hippies. Big Thanks to you - Pat- a sterling job.  :D


January 6, 2015

I am now at my 6 month Post Op. date [ was 7/7/14], and progress is slow , steady  and really good. Am still taking everything with caution , and had my 1st Jog/Trot/Run yesterday. Was a 07.00 minute effort ,per km,  on grass and in my HOKA Shoes. It felt great , fantastic and seemed to be "easy as ".  No pain or soreness at all. ;D :Previously was walking heaps and managed a fastest pace of about 08:45 per km. All my cycling was done Indoors , and now have moved to open country and on the road. Again , am taking a very easy pace and working on small rolling type courses. Am using easy gearing on the Tri bike and have no trouble or pain , when out of the saddle work is done.  :D ;) ;).
Swim wise , there are no issues here and can do approx 2:5km in my 1 hr. session.

Here in N.Z. we are into our Tri Season , but for me , its a "back seat "approach . I may partake in a small , local 500-20km-2km event in late January this year.  I have no plans to compete Nationally or have a crack at World Age Group Champs in Sept. 2015, Chicago. Will look at very slowly building up my kms on the road Bike , and on the Run. Have a heap of confidence that has come from a lot of the dedicated "seasoned " hippies out there- Dannywayoflife . Hernanu, Old Soccer player, Arrojo, David, Whyme etc. with their comments and support. 8) :).

I am sure as the next 6 months tick over that i will get better and better. My ROM has improved immensely !!!! ;D, so this in its own , is a massive boost. On the "pain/discomfort " front , I feel about 95% , and it is only very rarely that I have a problem here. Hopefully I can keep the "steady as she goes approach" keep talking PATIENCE , and all will be good .

It seemed like an eternity to get to 6 months Post Op. , but in reality , time has floated by nicely . Cannot wait until my 12 month -1 year date- of 7 July 2015 arrives !!.

February 20, 2015

Just chipping in with my 2 pennies worth  on recovery etc and sport. I am 33 weeks Post Op., and am Swimming 100% Road Cycling 100% and Running at about 65-70% , of what I was Pre Op.

Am keen to up the anti on the Run , but realise that PATIENCE is the key , even though I reckon i could go a bit faster. Run wise i can do about 5km @ say 05:20pkm to 05:35 pkm ,pace. No doubt the speed will increase later , as my fitness improves . I am lucky as my Tri season [New Zealand ] is all but over , so resisted the urge to race , and just settled back . Over the winter months here in NZ , I will try to increase my Run Speed , as in July are 12 months Post Op.

April 5, 2015

I am now a 9 month Post Op.,"apprentice" and all is very good and well. My pain levels are virtually non existent , and only rarely do I get a bit of inflammation . This only lasts a few hours and comes after a Bike and Run session. Am sure it is mostly due to the Run.

Its just bliss so to speak ,without every day pain etc. I am back into easy running , [started 3 months ago], and continue to Swim and Bike without a restriction or pain . I do find some days , that when on the Aero bars , when riding , I feel abit of pinching at the top of groin/hip area. Soon alleviated by NOT getting into the Aero position , and carry on riding on the H/Bar Drops.

The next 3 months should breeze by and I don't see any problems or complications . for those contemplating BHR, GET IT DONE!!. :D. You will get a whole new active life back. Thanks to everyone for their input and advice. It sure means alot. ;)


July 6, 2015

Finally  :) ;D 8)  I have arrived at my 1 Year Post Operation ANNIVERSARY. !!! ;D :P . For a time there I thought it wouldnt arrive, and found alot of respect and admiraration for my fellow Hippies who helped me thru it with their advice.  ;)

As for the exercises that I have got back into, everything is just great. Being a very compeditive Triathlete [ now approaching 64yrs young], I have slowly built into my Swim, Bike and Run routine. Its now our winter here in New Zealand, so will not be able to "test" out the body until December this year. Currently I am easing into the Swim and Bike , but still holding off a little on the Serious part of running- its more of a fast jog, and at 05:40pkm efforts. Can actually hang in there for about 8km, with no real issues on the Hip. ;D ;) .

Have found that my ROM is just great , with the Operated hip side having nearly as much ROM, as my better left side,. This is very encouraging. I have been very active and regular with my massage Therapist, and this has been a major factor in how I have "scrubbed" up overall. Even after 12 months , I still have work done on the hip ever 10-12 days.

With regard to Swimming, I find a small ache occurs if I do to many Kick sets. For Biking, there are no real issues, I find no real problems here- good spinning, hill and speed work does not affect me. My only wee concern is when I do up my shoes and/or bend over to far. I can still feel a "niggle " in the Hip/Groin area. This soon melts away within a couple of hours or so.

I look back now on all the extreme pain and suffering I endured, prior to my Operation, I say to myself -"Why the hell didnt I get it done earlier". To have virtually a pain free hip now is an incredible feeling, and not to mention the fact that I have my Tri career resurected [and general health and well being] , is testament to anyone thinking about BHR,   GET IT DONE.  ;) :) .

October 3, 2015

I am 15 months Post Operation. Am currently into my Tri training and doing all 3 disciplines. The Swim is fine, Biking wise, I find being down in the Aero Bars position somewhat a tad uncomfortable. Can probably do 15:00 on , then need about 10:00 off them. Not alot of speed work on the Bike, more just about getting kms under the belt.

In the Run, am still "off the pace here" in terms of speed. Still hover around the 05:10pkm time-wise, and can do 8km safely without any aggravation or inflammation. Run about 3 times a week max, same as Swim and Bike. 

Will be using our upcoming Tri New Zealand 2015/16 season as a "stepping stone" towards the 2016/17 season. All in all, I rapt with how everything is progressing and that fact that I'm pain free!!!!, :) ;) 8) so long as one does not "push to hard :D


December 20, 2015

It's now 17 months post Op., and I'm back !!! ;D  on the "horse" and doing OK.

I had my first Tri in 20 months, Olympic Distance and survived well. :)  It's been a longer slow road to recovery, but it sure has paid dividends. THANKS PAT !! :)

My race went OK and was happy with the Swim and Bike, but found the Run a "bit off the pace". Approx., at the 05:00pkm pace. This is to be expected, and like all triathletes, expect to fly in the first race, but it doesn't happen like that. Was great to be able to ride in the Aero position for the 40km and not have any issues at all. I will do another Standard Distance Olympic Tri, plus a Sprint Distance as well, for our 2015/2016 Racing year. A couple of local small races here in my hometown to boot as well, and that will see me for this race season.

To my fellow Tri boys/athletes , MPH, petemeads,Woodstock Hippie, Matt Jersey, and others, your encouragement and support is brilliant and helps to "fire me up". All the Best to you in your recovery and racing. Live the Dream, and Just Do It. 8)

February 26, 2016

I am now a solid 19 months Post Op, July 2014, so its time for the update and antics I have been up to, plus results.
After an extremely careful, dedicated and slower than the norm recovery, I then ventured back onto the Triathlon "race track", in December 2015.

First up was a near Standard Distance race of 1:300-36km-10km. I survived pretty good and managed an overall time of 02:11:37. There was very little pain or inflammation at all. The Swim was tide assisted, with a flat Bike and an undulating Run. Run time 47:52.
In early January I did a short local Triathlon and was amazed at how the hip and body relished it. Didn't over-do it here, and just focused on getting the basics done very well. About 01:30:00 event time.

Then in late January I did a National N.Z. Standard Olympic Distance event. 1:500 - 39:0km - 10:0km. It was a flat, wetsuit Sea Swim,, 4 lap flat Bike and a 2 Lap flat Run. Overall I had a "blinder", and again very little pain at all. Some minor discomfort on the 5hr drive back home. Next day 100% all good. I Biked a P.B. [ 65:00 approx] and the Run was just over 44:00.
Total time was a tad under 02:18:00.

2 weeks later my next event was the N.Z. National Sprint Champs of 750 - 20:km - 5km. This was to be probably my most hardest race in terms of physical and mental application. It was a calm as Lake Swim,[1 lap] hilly type Bike course [out and back] followed by an undulating Run, =2 @ 2:500km]. After a solid Swim, it was then a good, hard, honest "fast slog" on the Bike, and then a "punishing" Run. I say "punishing" meaning the fact that both of us leaders exited the Bike trans and onto the Run together, toes for toe. Still slogging it out at the 1st lap, 2:500km, I managed to then sneak ahead by a few metres and eventually held on to WIN by a mere 09 seconds. Overall time was just under 01:17:00. Run time was 22:05 !!!!. ;D :)

Most satisfying to say the least was my HIP. Absolutely perfect, not a hint of pain or trouble. Also the 4hr drive home was not a worry. Next day, perfect on the Hip.

After my 3 National races, I then decided it was time to "pull stumps" and "park up" . I'm looking for longevity and quality racing from Hip, so think its an extremely wise move to take. It's been a brilliant year for me, race wise, and I owe alot to my "better half"- the wife. :D I have had incredible support from my Swim coach, plus my Run mentor, who is also my Soft Tissue Therapist.

I would like to mention here my Surgeon who performed the Operation. Hugh Blackley gave me great, valuable advice on the re-hab. Its already paid huge dividends. Moral of the story - listen to the experts !!! and heed their advice. ;)
We all heal differently, we all recovery differently, so no "shoe" fits us all. You have to listen to the advice, listen to your body and mostly all believe in yourself.

To my good friends Pat Walter, petemeads, arrojo, Woodstock Hippie, Matt Jersey, Howard Baker, THANKS a Ton everyone. You gave me the motivation to "get out there and do it.!!".

As our Tri season is nearing a close now, I will be taking it super easy and just "ticking" over for awhile. I aim to fire up again in August, in preparation for another bash at the 2016/2017 Tri racing season. I cannot say much more and my activity is purely about Triathlon. Therefore I cannot comment on other sports. One major change in my training is that I now only Run 3 times max a week, being approx 1 @ 4km, 1 @ 7km and perhaps the 3rd at 9-10km. I do very little speed/rep work as well, just maintaining a "fast clip" when running. Oddly enough I progressed out of HOKA shoes, after 10 months. They gave me a poor landing and run technique,after watching accurate video footage.

Cheers to Ya All
Top Regards,
Kiwi Boy from Down Under.



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