I had bilateral BHR performed by Dr. Keggi at CJRI/St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT this summer (L:June 10, R:July 22) and would be glad to answer questions.


I actually started the process with Dr. Brooks but, when my insurance would not cover Cleveland Clinic out of network as they had 5 surgeons in network who claimed to do the procedure, I ran that list by Dr. Brooks and he fully recommended Dr. Keggi.

For numbers, Dr. Keggi has performed about 500 direct anterior BHR and around 5000 direct anterior BHR/THR combined. Since there's no mention of him on SurfaceHippy, I never would have found him had it not been for the rejection and Dr. Brooks' recommendation.

The difference in recovery time between is quite significant.

For anterolateral approach, Dr. Brooks would perform the procedures 4-5 months apart, 6 weeks on crutches after week and 1 year after the 2nd until "no restrictions".

For direct anterior approach, Dr. Keggi would do the procedures 6-8 weeks apart, up on a cane immediately and no restrictions after 6 months.

I'm 50 years old and referee hockey -- the bone spurs in my hips had gotten to the point where I had to come to a complete stop to pick up a puck because if I bent my knees, I'd go duck-toed and wipe out .

After watching my father gimp around for 30 years with the same hereditary arthritis, I decided to have surgery as "scheduled maintenance" when I was still otherwise healthy.

For both hips, I had surgery Wednesday morning, 1st PT about 5pm (laps around the floor with a walker), PT with a cane morning and after lunch Thursday and discharged Thursday afternoon.

The night after my 1st surgery, I had a friend drive me from Hartford back to Boston and walked 1/4mi to my local pub for dinner and back and had no trouble with the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment. The next day (Friday) I walked a little over 2 miles (in search of a hardware store that had cane tips).

In general, my PT consisted of finding restaurants .5 to 1.5 miles from home and walking there and back.

I had planned to take 6 months off of hockey to recover and, if possible, start working with a skating coach at around 3 months.

At my 8 week checkup, Dr. Keggi said I could go back to skating as long as I avoided any high energy collisions and was careful not to fall directly on a hip to avoid femoral neck fracture. My next follow-up is at 1 year.

I did a few practice skates and set an initial bar at squirts (10-year olds). A couple weeks later, I was doing Tier 1 Bantams (14-year-olds) and keeping up with them fine with a few limitations.

I'm currently skating 2-8 games on a weekend and will be free of all restrictions in a few weeks, with no major issues beyond weak hip flexors.

The only downside I've experienced with direct anterior is extremely stretched out hip flexors, making lifting my knees challenging.

Basically, the trade-off was losing the ability to put on pants while standing for the ability to walk almost immediately, which seems like a reasonable trade.

Other than a very minor wound healing issue, I've had no complications to speak of -- Dr. Keggi did say that I was doing better than 95% of patients at my 8 week follow-up, so these results may not be typical.

I'll attribute a lot to not waiting until I was sedentary and pushing myself on recovery.




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